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  1. I have Time Warner Cable and BBC America is channel 109. I'm in upstate New York.
  2. Wow. I am speechless. VERY impressive. Kudos!
  3. Castle Garden was the pre-Ellis Island port. It has a searchable website, too: http://www.castlegarden.org/ And then, Ellis Island's genealogy site: http://www.ellisisland.org/ Sharon/beacon1
  4. I'm really very Mr. One Two right now. But others are right on his heels. Give me a viewing of "300" and I'm all about Leonidas. Toss in my TBH DVD and I'm grooving on Milo Boyd...up late and channel surfing can get me lost in Dracula's eyes... Such a fickle woman am I...
  5. Dang. I think I debated over this longer than I decided on my car... Right now Rocknrolla reigns supreme--closely followed by a couple of other movies...and for some reason, though I don't like "Gamer" very much I do adore Gerry as John Tillman/Kable. And TBH has adorable Milo Boyd. I want to hug the stuffing out of him! But, Rocknrolla because G's publicist says the character is alot like how Gerry really is.
  6. I've got to buckle down on my Germans. My father's grandfather emigrated from Weurttenberg and I have only a few leads on the surnames in the first couple of generations. And, I get a kick out of the fact that he was a wood cutter in the Black Forest. Rather Grimms Fairy Tale, don't you think? I had a breakthrough on my Irish lines. It's so important to identify the County so you can get Town Land records to see how property passed through the family. I need to look in Kerry, Cork, Limerick and probably Galway and Tipperary. There are some great surname/county sites and they cooraborate what I had found regarding where my lines had originated. Hooray!!! I have a brick wall in the late 1700s on my mother's side. An Englishman with an uber common name who was not the oldest son (i.e. heir to property/$$$)emigrated to the US and married a woman who was either English, Dutch or both (upstate NY where Dutch and English settled.) Again, she had a common name and her place of birth is murky. The 1790 NY Census Index shows that surname in appropriate areas but those records only listed head of household and then grouped the rest of the residents by number with in a catetory (free white males aged 0-4 years, free white females age 0-4 years, etc.)... I keep wishing the two of them would just appear at the foot of my bed one night...each bearing a ledger of names from their lineage. Too much to ask??? And, for those who are looking into Native American sites, most tribes have a website and they often have a genealogy section. Some will do free searches for Tribal Members. Some allow only tribe members to access records. Just a tidbit I picked up recently. And, Lisa, in my area our local Jewish Genealogy Association is super active. They occasionally book time in our Family History Center on a Sunday afternoon. One of our staffers is also a member of their organization and acts as their host that day. In a week they are hosting a big seminar with a rep from Ancestry.com I'm hoping to attend.
  7. I love this topic. I've been researching my family tree for 11 years. I'm also on the volunteer staff of the local Family History Center sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I've also chaired/co-chaired our annual Family History Seminar (we're having our 10th one this October: http://buffalofamilyhistoryseminar.blogspot.com/ Family History Centers are local branches of the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. FHCs are all over the world and are open for anyone to use (ie.You don't have to be LDS...aka "Mormon".) You can locate one near you (they are usually in LDS Church buildings but some large ones are in their own bldg) on this site--which is a free genealogy site: http://www.familysearch.org/eng/default.asp (Scroll down to see "Find a Family History Center") The FHCs don't do the research for you but rather show you how to get started and then how to pursue research. We're a "teach a man to fish" kinda place rather than "give a man a fish." Also, speaking of Ancestry.com, the LDS Church is putting it's vast microfilm, microfiche, and book archive on-line in a digitized & indexed format free of charge. You can see the current (and ever-growing collection) here: http://pilot.familysearch.org/recordsearch/start.html#start This collection includes Census Records, Vital Records and other pieces of useful research records from various countries. And, there are teams currently filming in many countries to gather and then make available more genealogy information. Sorry to sound like a commercial but for those beginning (or getting re-started), FamilySearch.org, the FHCs and their staff can be very helpful. They can show you lots of things you can do at home as well as how to access the Church's records which are not yet on-line. Sharon/beacon1 (PM me if you have any questions.)
  8. She could start a swear jar like Abigail Breslin did for "Nim's Island". Abigail used it to make a donation to a charity. And, Gerry is such a big kid! Watching him play with the girls must have been so hysterical and so terribly sweet.
  9. Well, there is a moment where he points at someone and smiles/laughs...a little while later the camera is pulled back and you can see someone with taking a cell phone video in the same area he was pointing.
  10. I agree totally. So much vital material was omitted...I was terrified that they were going to omit the kiss on the road and just show her walking away. Awful editing.
  11. Is he trying to signal for a drink near the end??? Or for someone to take a photo???
  12. I wonder where that scene fell in the story line... Poor Gerry. How many takes did he have to do running on that treadmill!!! Thanks so much for posting this!!!
  13. Steph, AH-MAAAZING Siggy. What a wonderful capture of an unforgettable moment. And, it's a great paw pic, too! Woo Hoo!!! AH-MAZZZING!
  14. Awww. Delicious pics! Lolita looks cuddly. And she just waits patiently to be leashed and then trots at his feet. What a happy little girl.
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