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    Creative writing, reading, digital art, movies, music, dancing, singing, hanging out with friends.

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About Me

I was born at a very young age (I was about two, I think), the son of a poor woodsman.

After they realised I wasn't a boy I was handed back to my rightful family.

Everything after was a whirlwind of Royal Balls, Princes, Singing mice, unreasonably constricting dresses, Fairy Godparents and giant, semi-anthropomorphic pumpkins. Then they took me off the medication and I realised I was actually an impoverished student.

Apathetic slacker by trade, I made my way in the world by utilising my natural wit, charm, grace and sophisitcation, and not at all by being a compulsive liar.

By nature I'm prone to small bounts of histrionics. You'll just have to learn to live with those. That and my lax attempts at spelling.

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