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    Art, Music, my favorite is celtic music (I love listening to celtic instruments to relax or while painting( I am saving to get a celtic harp guitar w/ 39 strings...(I play 6 string and 12 string and am excited about the challenge of the 39 strings) My favorite singers are ' Keith and Kristyn Getty'(although Kristyn is the one who sings while her husband Keith plays piano...and of course watching GB movies (or anything else GB) I've seen everything he's done except "lucy sullivan" or the Sahara desert one...which I'd love to see.

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  1. Happy birthday xx

  2. I know I have to...but I don't think I can wait til March to see this movie...It looks like it is hilarious...I have loved Jennifer Anniston...watched all her movies...and now paired with my precious favorite Gerard Butler...it just can't be anything else but fantastic. Laurel
  3. I'd like to know also....the guitar was louder than her voice and I couldn't hear any of the word...just the guitar. Laurel
  4. I definitely have started making plans for 2011...I've started saving as we speak...that's what I meant by 'it will be my 2010 goal...I've figured about how much I will need for the trip and accomodations when I get there, and about what I would need for raffles and extras (because I know I will want to buy things)...I'm dividing all that up by 12 months and that amount will go into a separate part of my bank account and is being treated as a BILL that HAS to be paid faithfully each month. Treating it that way, the money comes out of the first of the month with the regular bills and not left to the chance or hope that I have enough left to put some aside for the trip. Anyway, I'm pretty confident I will be there in Vegas in 2011. and yes Susie, I agree with you...there is nothing bad about being silly...and frankly, I'm proud of my FAN-atic feelings about Gerard James Butler. You know...a couple of years ago I almost died...was rushed to the hospital with pnuemonia...and have COPD really bad. I am a diabetic. since the hospital I quit smoking...and one of my medications is (was) prednizone...which caused me to gain over 60 pounds. my breathing was so bad that I couldn't even walk to another room and I began to age quickly to where I looked older than my older sister who is 65. I continued to gain weight, stopped caring what I looked like, never left my apartment...kept it dark and spent most of the time sleeping. Please don't misunderstand what I'm saying, I'm not after any sympathy...because thanks to Gerard Butler (without ever meeting him) and not needing to know him , I am no longer like that...watching his films...starting with "the Jury" (I'm not a drinker, so it wasn't that) but something in Gerry's portrayal of Johnny that was like being in a deep pit and he threw down a rope and helped pull me up...and as I continued to watch his other wonderful movies, each one releasing an emotion that had gotten lodged deep inside me years ago...that I am slowly, but surely coming back to the one I used to be...and now I'm starting to feel amazing...because he is amazing...and well....if loving Gerry is silly...then silly I'll be. Wow...I apologize...I didn't realize how long I made this. So, I'll go, but before I do...can you tell me more about being able to participate a little in the convention via the internet or however it is.? back at ya with the hugs, I love hugging Laurel
  5. Wow...it sounds like sooooo much fun...but I live solely on a monthly disability check and I just joined GALS this month and it's already 1/27 ...I could never save enough money to make it by the 31st...so I'm gonna have to start saving to go to next years...I hope I'm able to do it...because , I am a single mum and I have a 33 yr old son who lost his job (bad US economy) and so I have been sending him money every month...whatever I have left over...still doing it...because it's been impossible to find a decent paying job...so far all he's been able to find is a job as a bouncer in a nightclub...his wife left him for his best friend and he has a 12 year old daughter that I worry about too..so as much as I love Gerry and would love to meet others who love him also...my son has to come first...so that will be my goal for 2010 (to be able to save enough money to go next year). It makes me sad, because here, I have no one to share my luv for Gerard Butler...everyone I know is sick of hearing about him...and think I'm being foolish being so fanatic about someone I'll never meet...I've been told that it is silly...that this kind of thing is for teenagers...but not for someone my age...I even hear them under their breath saying I should pop back into the real world and stop going gaga over a moviestar and that I need to seek someone who is attainable...they just totally don't get it...I've been a closet...or secret fan for a few years now, but when I found gbGals on the internet...I haven't felt so alone...I just didn't discover you soon enough to save anything to go to this years...So I'm just praying that nothing happens and there is a next year...hahaha Laurel Oh Yah!!! what makes it worse is that I live here in Southern Oregon...13 hours drive...but I don't drive.... is this pitiful or what! Laurel
  6. I heard him say in an interview he loves to travel.....welllllllll, I guess so! Anyway, I think he looks tired...not particularly sad...and there could be many reasons causing his expression, I also think that sometimes it's nothing at all...just a fading off into nowhereland...you know., where you just don't particularly have anything on your mind...maybe he just took a mini vacation in his head, with his eyes open and no one was home when the camera clicked. Whose to know except Gerry himself. But I also know that it's hard for us ,his fans, who love him so much...not to worry, or be concerned when there is even a hint of anything negative going on with him... which I doubt there is...except for the loving concern he would have for all that's been happenning for the last couple of weeks...I'm just glad to see him including some fun things. Well...that's my 2 bucks worth... Laurel
  7. sorry Lise...I didn't mean to repeat an old post...I tried to reply a thank you and to tell you the second suggestion you gave me worked and I got to see " JEWEL OF THE SAHARA" ...but when I hit reply...it just repeated my old reply... this is my first time at getting involved as a fan of ANYONE...and I just haven't a clue as to what anything is or how to have anykind of conversation or what on here...or anywhere else.. I don't even know where my last one went to...I wanted to write to stuart again and ask if he knows where I can watch "How to be a Rockstar" ...if I can see that I will have completed my goal of seeing all of Gerry's films. I'm a fairly new fan of Gerard Butlers and have never met him...and sadly don't think I ever will.I think I will have to be a closet fan...heheheh. I have breathing problems and can't fly (so no airplanes)...I live on a monthly disability check...so it won't be possible for me to go to any of the conventions to meet any of the other GALS. But I'm content (for now) to just being a fan and just seeing him on tv interviews or watching his movies...I first saw him in 'p.s. I love you' and I think I seen that one 50 times or more. Oh, I'm babbling, so I'll go now..just wanted to give you a BIG THANKS for you help with seeing the movie...means alot to me.. Laurel
  8. Yes! Laurel~ Go to~ www.funnyordie.com http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/6df246fa5...l-of-the-sahara Try this... Good Luck! Great Seduction Scene! my best in love and war, Lise
  9. I am still crackin up everytime I think of his pequinese...and I've noticed on all of his interviews he is very fidgety...I also heard him say that he was the class clown in school ...I'm so glad he never grew out of that...I wonder if his mum ever had a hard time punishing him for misbehaving...you know he had to have been a little trickster...but with those eyes, chipmunks cheeks (oh so cute) and sweet smile...I can imagine the stuff he got away with. Laurel
  10. Thanks Lise...but it didn't work...I went to aol television and typed out jewel of the sahara in the search engine and all it did was take me to sites for jewelry and stuff with the name sahara in it. I tried putting in Gerard Butler movies....Gerard Butler/Jewel of the Sahara...Gerard Butler films and all I got were places with other gossip about him...this is awful frustrating for a film that is only 17 minutes long...I heard it is really funny...but I guess I'm not meant to see it...but thanks anyway. Any other suggestions? Laurel
  11. oops!!! spelled your name wrong... Thanks Stuart... Laurel
  12. hope I'm doing this right...this is my first attempt at posting...but I just wanted to thank Stewart for the Lucy Sullivan show...I'd seen almost all of Gerry's movies except the Lucy Sullivan is getting married and that Sahara Desert one...and now I just have that one left to see and I'll have seen them all. Do you happen to have the Sahara one? Anyway, thanks for sharing all of these films with us. It's just so nice of you. Laurel
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