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  1. I would love to go!! so bad!! but i made plans to go to a Star Trek convention in Vancouver, BC last year and i'm stuck in it, i paid for the plane ticket and convention ticket and all and i had no idea i would be wanting to go to Vegas instead!! I haven't flown since 2000. I don't fit in. i'm not a mom and married!! I"m 35 and single. I've never been married and i don't have kids. i feel a bit odd out with you all!! I can't drink. i have schizoaffective disorder and can't drink due to my meds. I've never dressed up since high school (prom). I live with my parents and pay rent. I have SSI, OK
  2. Hello Tonya, you are the assistant for Gerry and i wish i could meet you this year at the convention in Vegas but i cannot go and i'm new to this forum too. I have to be in Vancouver, BC the next week and this has been planned for months. I cannot afford to go to Vegas even on a short notice (it would be for me) so I maybe next time!! I think you are lucky to work for Gerry and I hope you have had a great New Year too!! I don't know. Does Gerry go too? I"m new to all this. Better late than never. well however, nice to meet you virtually!!:-)
  3. In The Ugly Truth, i surely hope that is not what all you want in a woman!! ;-) I have short hair and do not have a model's figure and all. I am just wondering....;-) anyways, i'm a huge fan of your's and that a guy like you in real life for me just could not happen!! I would love to hear your Scottish brogue!!:-)
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