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  1. Any idea when the movie will premier in London? Sadly im not living in London anymore but i still wana make it to the premier!
  2. Hii Angel Butler! im fine thanx for asking.

    How r u doing?

  3. hi there,how are you?

  4. Hahaha! i like that! Im not Christian, but i love people who no matter how much they have or how big they become they still keep their faith. Especially right now, in hollywood it seems believing in God at all is considered religious.
  5. More Gerry in LA this time with little Lolita http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/2459160/gerard-butler-walking-lolita-dog-01/
  6. i just realised that his hair is not only styled like Sam Childers, he also dyed white into his hair to resemble Sam's hair you can notice the difference in the following two pics: http://gbgalsgallery.com/v/partiesetc/61310CA/HWParty_061310_JJhg_08.jpg.html http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/2459052/gerard-butler-white-shirt-errands-02/
  7. Yes, his hair does resemble Sam Chiders here Good find Moira!!!
  8. Im in the UK and i can access it just fine. Maybe you should try again. if your still having trouble lemme kno.
  9. More great interviews for HTTYD. 'Gerard Butler talks nipple issues with Dean Richards': http://www.ktla.com/videobeta/0cfb136b-2ffe-4404-ba77-421ee4d9b372/Entertainment/Gerard-Butler-talks-nipple-issues-with-Dean-Richards The full interview http://www.ktla.com/videobeta/cb72ab80-832e-4d15-9188-c405acf62294/Entertainment/Gerard-Butler one more: http://www.ktla.com/videobeta/6109b1f0-cd53-43cd-aab5-27c6b47fd4d9/News/Everyday-Dish Enjoy
  10. Really cute interview, a lil kid interviews Gerry for HTTYD. Go to this link: http://gooddaysacramento.com/videolibrary click on the tiny magnifying glass, search Gerard Butler and select the first result "Mark S. Allen at IMAX part 2" Gerry's interview starts at min 1:17. oh, you might want to search "how to train your dragon" instead, and select the second result. this way you can see the kid's interview with the rest of the cast; including Gerry. Enjoy
  11. WOW!!! I have to say I love your photobucket collection of Gerry pics!!! Very Nice!!!
  12. Thanx! am glad u think so Oh, n i love that small black and white pic u have for Gerry, i dont think ive seen it b4. Where was that? BTW Girls i found some great videos for Gerry on iTunes. Search Gerard Butler in the iTunes store, scroll down to podcasts and ull see a bunch of interviews, some are videos others are audio. Some of them we've seen before and some i personally havent, some are extended versions of ones we've seen before. like the one for Bounty hunter with Jennifer Aniston.
  13. i love how he's wearing the necklace from Coriolanus! Love the trimmed beard! Would it sound weird if i said that i actually missed Gerry in the past 2 days? Thanx Moira!!!
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