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  1. I'll be around, in and out. Sharon
  2. That is too clever!!! Those sim games can be so realistic. I sure hope he gets to see that somehow.
  3. MY MAN!!! He's looking what used to be called "boss" (old school term, you might not know it.) He has been wearing some top choice suits lately. Sharon
  4. I remember this from when the possibility of this project was first discussed. I think it's an accomplishment in itself to be starring in a film where the book has not even been published yet. I see very high hopes. Sharon
  5. Absolutely! One of my worse nightmare as a fan, and it was exactly what I knew it would be. This xxx-rated interview was just what Howard Stern's interviews are. I found the Stern's XM Sirius channel on my way home from work. A replay, I guess. I was really thinking it was going to be tomorrow morning. I missed the first 8 minutes or so, but what I heard . . . !!! At the heart of it, Stern is a good interviewer and he did praise the movie strongly several times. That in itself was worth hearing. Other than the things I already knew about Gerry (which is probably too much anyway), the language and sexual conversation topics, I could have done without. I could not bear listening to some of it out loud, turn it down or off several times.
  6. It may be that the publicity for MGP and Corialanus is beginning. Tweeting on WindyCityLive right now: Are you a die hard GERARD BUTLER fan or do you know someone who is? Email wcl@windycitylive.com and tell us about it! Okay, Chicago GALS, here's our chance. Sharon
  7. One of our Indy Tarts caught this tweet last night. They're asking if there were any big fans of Gerry in Chicago. I'm from Chicago, but I've lived in Indianapolis for 25 years now. Here's the tweet she caught: Gerard Butler is coming on @WindyCityLIVE next week! Are you a big fan ? Email wcl@windycitylive.com I'm going to Chicago tomorrow for AfricaFest, but I have to be back home Wednesday. He might even be Downtown Tuesday while I'm there. Hope I can see him somewhere else before I have to leave. Sharon
  8. Be A Blessing and Be Blessed!

  9. It's on its way!!! I just saw this on IMDB Movie News: http://www.deadline.com/2010/12/nu-image-sets-march-start-for-playing-the-field-with-gerard-butler/ YAY!!! Sharon
  10. I remember that, too. He was talking to Rebecca Murray, I think. Sharon
  11. I just threw this in for fun. I just love that! Delene Oh.My.Goodness!! Isaiah Mufasa, the only other man I will accept as "Sexiest Man", other than Gerry or Idris. I love it, too. (My man does smell like him, LOL.)
  12. O M Goodness, look at him! Sorry, my first thought was Dr. Frank-n-furter, The Rocky Horror Picture Show with some Wolverine sideburns. Hope everyone else was as way out. Gorgeous hair, though. Sharon
  13. Please, baby, please, don't cut it. For a while anyway. Make a movie looking just like that and I'll love you forever. My goodness, amazing how different the various lenghts of his hair can make him look. Sharon
  14. RockNRolla, please and thank you. A friend borrowed mine. I may never see it again. Sharon
  15. Hi, everyone. This is my third VirtualCon, I think. Missed last year's. Lots of fun and the prizes are so cute. I brought some of those Dorito "Tacos at Midnight" chip. Sharon
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