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  1. Sadly, i don't thinks i can go this year. I'm old enough and have a steady job with bills almost all taken care of but no availability in my schedule to do so or money... Since I'm almost caught up on my bills, (I've been a year behind on them.) Plus, I'm seeing Craig Ferguson live in Milwaukee next month and going to a anime convention in March. So, this year is a lot of firsts for me. How exciting tho. I get to see one of my favorite Scots in person at least. Silver.
  2. I know this is a relatively short post and kinda useless but i figure to say this before i forget completely about it. (and my Baby Sister is texting me as i type this)... ANYWAY.. I was listening to the radio a couple days ago when they were talking about movies and upcoming releases. A small snippet they were talking about Movie 43. Randomly, they yakked about who was in it.... Just say a random list of actors in the movie in your head, only don't add Gerry. When they moved on, i was like "really? no Ger? how rude..." This was a random tidbit by SilverWolff. and i deeply apologize from earlier (a couple months ago). i figured to give myself a Gerry break for a while and now, I'm back to normal. Or as close to normal as i can be. Silver.
  3. Awwww... If i could, i would have kids with that "boy." Wouldn't that be a dream? It's all in my head unfortunately... Why can't they come true just once for me?... (sigh) Silver.
  4. What a way to show off some football moves. Go GerGer! That must've been an honor for the youth. Silver.
  5. Reminds me of PSILY with the hats... Don't know how... and i don't think i wanna say anything about the handwriting. Chicken scratch and i like it (only when i can read legibly). Then the signature makes me want him sign all my movies. Then, i could die happy. Silver.
  6. Seven months eh? awe... well, i wish them luck. As much as i hate to admit things, but i'm jealous and i shouldn't be. that's probably the longest i've heard him be in a relationship. now, an epic pit has developed and i think it's going to lead to some crying. I need to keep jealousy at a minimum because i'm just a normal gal whose hurting extremely for this man. Icky.... just some thoughts as the snow falls here. Silver.
  7. If he starts singing, he better not have the gravely voice he used in PSILY. God, i didn't like that one. The one in POTO was lush and made me melt. O, can i be even more melted by the "Celtic charm"? I'd like to be one of lot... Silver.
  8. Such a little pup. That's epically cute really. I wonder where in NC... My folks are hoping to move down there so that would make my day further. Silver.
  9. Man o man....... that cat reminds me of my own little "Skitzo"... she hates being picked up... although, that little brat will meow for food or attention. she's crazy. Ah, Skitzo, what would i do without ye? Silver.
  10. Geographic error! What! um, darn. wish there was something in the US or other parts of the world that can transfer stuff like this. poo... Silver.
  11. 1.40am? em, does the boy ever sleep? i'd love to meet the man... and fall over as i try to get a picture. that'd be my luck... with my severe anxiety disorder. :-/ ... and one of those pics in the gallery somewhere... (the kinda gangster "peace", can't think of the right/correct gesture name...) em, this may be in my alternative universe but, the other guy has a "war" sign instead of "peace"... i figure to point that out. it's random and stuff but yea........ mio... this makes me skip thousands of heartbeats and wish a million times to see GerGer a trillion times in one day.... ops, fantasy. but yeah... that's the way i feels. Silver.
  12. Proportion is a little off by whoever edited/did the picture. The shame of photoshopping! haha. Ah well, anything is better than having one eye open and the other is closed. Like what mine do when i'm driving on a sunny day. (Yes, i drive with one open eye... and i still manage not to kill people or myself-been driving since 2009. tee hee) Silver.
  13. Is my head playing tricks on me or am i going blind or something? But, did he get rid of the excess hair? Even so, back to the Ger i fell for in the beginning! And it replays over and over again. I love changes sometimes. Silver.
  14. He already did his music days when he was a rambunctious Law student. He has no time for any of that stuff anymore. Although, it would be great to hear some more of the Phantom voice again. Halleluiah, wouldn't that be awesome? Silver.
  15. Darn, I don't live in the area. I have stage crew experience but nothing huge. Someday, I'll be in film school and I'll be there. Although, thanks for the info. Awesomeness. Silver.
  16. Never where I'm at... Even if I was around and get into something like that, I would hug him when the camera is off and no one is paying attention. That would be a dream... Ahhh.... Now, i feel like smiling. Silver.
  17. Finally, an article about movies that doesn't bash him. I honestly have to say that all the movies I've seen (usually over and over again) so far are good. There's a good few that are really left out though. It kinda makes me a little sad but happy that someone actually appreciates the talent this lovable man has. Makes me want to pop one of his movies in now but it's too late at night, darn... If only i had my ps3, i would be watching something good. Silver.
  18. At least he's home for a while. Then, he's off running to do appearances (or movies) again. I need some water now or even a breather. Mio. Silver.
  19. I just wanna hug him. His eyes kinda look a little sad. At least he's home for a while now. Time to relax and enjoy some Mummy time. He needs some babying actually. That's my opinion. Silver.
  20. O please, never again. These news made me have a nightmare on Christmas eve with him in it. Same concept different event happening. It turns nice cause i guess we fell in love in the dream. It made me cry and smile at the end but just cry in the beginning. I plan on writing a story about it and fictionalizing the characters, publish it and dedicate it to him. Never, ever again. My life would never be complete. Silver
  21. I never had the pleasure of meeting a fine person. May she rest in peace, while we're up in pieces. Silver.
  22. I'm late too... Ah well. I tried to log on here on my mobile phone but it didn't worrk and i had something in my mind to say. I was listening to Music of the Night yesterday and i realized it was his birthday at the end of the song. When it ended, i was like "happy birthday gerry." Sentimental moment. My 21st is on Friday so i'll have a silent toast to him (with a glass of kitty cocktail). lol Silver.
  23. I've seen the interview he had on Fox News... Sadly, at work and i had a heart attack in excitement while mopping the floor. Hyperventilation at work isn't the best place for your obsessions are they? Anyway, back to the topic at hand, BS! Look, it sounds like an awesome movie and i think it should've been a national release right away. Not this pick-a-rose-petal off city schtuff. I wanna see it! It's gotta be as good as Hotel Rwanda... And i was thinking this as i was watching a preview on Fox News; there should be some good music out of it. There's gotta be tear-jerks somewheres. Silver.
  24. O my god o my god.... um, peeps... I just lost my brain and i can't find it and i have to go to school in a few minutes. Thanks for the hyperventilation attack. I just missed The View... actually it's on now but i can't miss school. >< Time to look at Youtube because someone is gonna have it posted. Silver.
  25. If it's the 18th of Nov, then, that's my birthday.... WT...? is this a sign? Silver.
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