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  1. I love him in those sexy leather jackets of his. The man looks good in anything and I am pretty sure without anything too .
  2. OK. I am back. I had crazy couple of weeks. Now I am back in Gerry Land. This week I am voting off Alex Rover (Can't stand the hair, ) and Kable (not my favorite movie)
  3. Marty and Yasha for me this week
  4. You, guys, are killing me :rotflmao: . The fruit basket was impressive .That Marty was something alright . But I am voting him and Peter (LWL) off
  5. Chris and Marty (and his wicked tongue ) for me this week
  6. I definitely like the looonger version . I like the name of the cologne "Bottled". They finally 'Bottled" him. I bet it smells fantabulous!
  7. Ohhh this will be just smoking. I can't wait to see all those yummy commercials. Major drool alert . I wish I could smell that cologne on him. Sigh...
  8. Cassius and Tim Bolton for me this week Thanks
  9. I know I am joining late. But better late then never, right . I am voting off Sea Capitan and Burke
  10. I love all those pics! He looks great and happy. Love him in that striped shirt, very sexy I got my fix, my dose of Gerry Juice medicine . I am happy now . Thank you for posting the pics!
  11. I loved the 1st one. I am pretty sure the 2nd one is as good, maybe even better. Can't wait to see it!
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