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  1. I love him in those sexy leather jackets of his. The man looks good in anything and I am pretty sure without anything too .
  2. OK. I am back. I had crazy couple of weeks. Now I am back in Gerry Land. This week I am voting off Alex Rover (Can't stand the hair, ) and Kable (not my favorite movie)
  3. Marty and Yasha for me this week
  4. You, guys, are killing me :rotflmao: . The fruit basket was impressive .That Marty was something alright . But I am voting him and Peter (LWL) off
  5. Chris and Marty (and his wicked tongue ) for me this week
  6. I definitely like the looonger version . I like the name of the cologne "Bottled". They finally 'Bottled" him. I bet it smells fantabulous!
  7. Ohhh this will be just smoking. I can't wait to see all those yummy commercials. Major drool alert . I wish I could smell that cologne on him. Sigh...
  8. Cassius and Tim Bolton for me this week Thanks
  9. I know I am joining late. But better late then never, right . I am voting off Sea Capitan and Burke
  10. I love all those pics! He looks great and happy. Love him in that striped shirt, very sexy I got my fix, my dose of Gerry Juice medicine . I am happy now . Thank you for posting the pics!
  11. I loved the 1st one. I am pretty sure the 2nd one is as good, maybe even better. Can't wait to see it!
  12. Congrats to team Mike! Thank you, Elissa, for putting this game together. It was my first and I am pretty sure not last. I really enjoyed it
  13. OMG!!! . His shirtless image tattooed in my brain forever now. I know who I will dream about tonight
  14. :nervous: I am going to vote Sam off (I secretly hope it is a tie though )
  15. He'll be the death of me Those shorts, those legs, that hair!!!! This is too much for me to handle . PS: I prefer him unwrapped for Christmas
  16. Oh, no, another one of my favorites is gone. I am voting Frosty off this week. I absolutely love your siggy, Elissa! I can stare at it for hours
  17. I agree about his legs. I love his legs. I call them football (soccer) legs . All those muscles right above the knee. Drool alert He looks amazing!
  18. :tissues:My heart is totally broken. My poor sweet Johnny :tissues: I voting Frosty off this week
  19. I am voting Frosty off Although I like Frosty and the movie, I love Johnnie Dunn. There is no way I am voting him off unless I absolutely have too.
  20. I love that beard !! So sexy. Absolutely delicious . Lucky girls, I am green with envy.
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