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  1. I don't know. I have mixed feelings about it. It could go either way. Could be a great success and could be not so great. It is always a risk with sequels, especially when the 1st movie was very successful. Expectations are very high for the sequel. I wish him all the best in this. I will be first in line for my ticket that is for sure.
  2. Oh, I love that pic where he sits in the chair and looks so relaxed and happy. Than you for the pics!
  3. Oh, I hope it is true about his new film. It sounds very interesting. Thank you for the pics. It is always so nice to see him, especially looking this great!
  4. I did not see this one before. Loved it. Thank you for posting it. He does have a very thick accent in this one. I loved every sound of it, could not understand half of what he was saying , but loved every sound of it. .
  5. He looks great! Thank you for the pictures!
  6. Oh, I hope it is true. I miss watching him on a big screen. He spoiled us with all those back to back movies. This project sounds awesome! Hope he’ll go for it.
  7. She is the one with blue hair and ripped jeans. Unfortunately I don't know how to attached the images .
  8. Hey, that’s the girl from the X-factor. She is very talented. Cute pic J. Gerry looks very handsome as usual in his Aviator glasses
  9. Wow, He looks much younger then 25. Love the flower on his cheek
  10. That spoon had no chance against his Royal Hotness. Melted on the contact
  11. Gerry looks fantabulous! They both look very handsome and very smart. Thank you for the pics. They are all great!
  12. I love to see him laugh like on one of those pics. It is so infectious you can’t help but smile looking at him having so much fun.
  13. It is always nice to see him especially having fun surrounded by beautiful women
  14. I ordered some Gerry goodies from the Boutique. I am going to try to send some money too.
  15. Very nice photos, sort of old Hollywood, classic. Gerry looks very handsome.
  16. Smoking addiction is very hard to deal with, even harder then some drug additions. I hope they’ll both quit. I liked the article, very cute and funny. Thanks for posting it
  17. I posted my review yesterday as soon as I came back from the movie theatre. I loved the movie. Gerry did a great job. He was so believable as a Secret Service Agent. He did not overplayed. The reason I am not a big fan of the action movies because the role of action hero is overplayed most of the time. Not in this movie. Gerry did his magic. Mike Banning was confident and real, not arrogant and show up. There was a lot of cheering and clapping, and some laughter. It was sold out when we arrived half an hour early so we waited an hour till the next show time. There was no empty sit in the room. I am so glad the movie is doing so well. He soo deserved all the success!
  18. O Wow! He looks stunning! Thank you for the pics!
  19. Two of my favorite guys! I am a huge Michael Buble fan. Thanks for the pics!
  20. I had the same thought when I saw this pic.
  21. Wishing you all the happiness you deserve so much and all the joy your beautiful heart can hold. You touch the world in your own unique way and make life more wonderful — just by being you. Happy Birthday, Gerry! Sabina
  22. I saw the movie today. Absolutely loved it. All those scenes of the ocean and wild waives were breathtaking. Makes you realize how powerless a man can be against the unpredictable force of nature. Gerry was incredible as Frosty. Everybody did a great job. Absolutely Loved it!
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