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  1. I saved one of them as my Desktop wallpaper at work today. Let just say a lot of female co-workers decided to hang around my desk all of a sudden. He looks amazing! OMG! Those eyes will be the death of me!
  2. Conventionally, unconventionally. Who cares! The man is handsome as sin! He can look manly and delicious practically in anything
  3. Mine too! He is a natural with kids. It's very sweet pic, I agree
  4. It looks and sounds like a great movie. The shots of the ocean and the waives are so beautiful. And of course Gerry... I think this is going to be one of those roles that movie critics and everybody else will be talking about for some time. I can't wait to see it!
  5. I saw both Coriolanus and Machine-Gun. I like them both. Machine-Gun was my favorite though. I watched it for the 2nd time on DVD over the weekend and it impressed me even more. He should have been nominated for this role. He was brilliant. I can’t wait to see all these new projects of his. They all sound great. Badass action, comedy, drama you name it Gerry can do it all brilliantly.
  6. Wow!!! He looks incredible ! 10 years younger. I changed my mind. I like him clean shaven and shorn better
  7. OMG, Delene. This is too perfect. I loved it!!! I am wondering what Gerry’s reaction would be if he reads it.
  8. Well, the bottom line of all these news and rumors is that he is in high demand. He is red hot and popular which is very good for an actor. All those projects he's been liked to sounds interesting and I am sure he will choose the one which suits him the best. I just want to see him on the big screen. It's been too long. I need my doze of Gerry Juice.
  9. Nice pics! Love to see him smiling and ogling the cheerleaders I think it is Alana Stewart though, too old for Brandi.
  10. That's a great idea! I am going to make a batch today, just in case
  11. OMG!! He looks so..... so.... Yes, that is the word I was looking for! Thank you for the pics, guys!
  12. He looks great, rested and even younger. Good for him! I agree about the Oscar's. The only reason I'll be watching is to get a gleams of Gerry. No wonder the ratings go down every year. Frankly, it just gets so boring every year. I was so disappointed that MGP did not get any nominations. It is a good well maid movie and not just because Gerry was in it. I am just so happy to see him well and looking great
  13. It takes a lot of courage to admit having a problem. We are all so proud of you! Take a good care of yourself. Be healthy, be happy! Sabina
  14. I'll put my check in the mail today.
  15. What a great article! Gerry has the most loyal, smart and intelligent fans. He is one of a kind!
  16. All I can say is thank God he is OK! I still feel kind of shaken by the news.
  17. Happy birthday, Gerry! May every day of your life be field with joy, happiness and wonder. I hope you'll receive the highest rewards of your professional carrier this upcoming year. With all my heart and love Sabina
  18. I just saw the movie today! I can't thank you guys enough for posting this link. I would never know that there was a movie theater in the Metro Detroit area showing MGP. I wish there was more publicity for the movie. There were only 10 people there today. The movie was incredible!
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