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  1. OMG! I cannot believe it. One of the movie theaters on the list is 25 min drive from my house!!!! I am going to see it tomorrow!! I am so exited!!!! Thank you guys for the link!
  2. Unfortunately the publisher sold out shortly after the Magazine 'hit' the stands~ we had posted info on how to purchase one directly from them (see link here ) but the order link still show as NOT AVAILABLE A call to them solicited the advice that the only way to find one is that there may still be a copy at a newsstand or local seller. Images from magazine are here and you can view their free digital edition at the link L.A. Confidential provided, here. I am not suprized it was sold out. I'll check my local sellers. Thank you for the info, Becozy!
  3. Wow!! I love every one of them! I have to get a hard copy of this magazine.
  4. I just posted two comments. I hope they'll listen to us. This movie should be released worldwide!
  5. I loved it!!! It was so much fun, especially to see Gerry blush couple of times. He looked amazing!
  6. OMG!! I had goose bumps watching it. I saw Gerry I felt in love with, an amazing brilliant actor who played Jonny, Sam, Eric and Stranger. I can't wait to see the movie. I hope he'll get a recognition he deserves for this one.
  7. He looks delicious with his beautiful smile and that tousled hair. Yummmmmyyy.
  8. He looks great! I love those pics on the beach with Lolita.
  9. Did you see the smile on the face of his instructor? Ear to ear and who can blaime her.
  10. Gerry is a big guy, even though he slimed down. Richard Burton was not, although I think Gerry could pull it off if the actress who would play Elizabeth was also taller. As far as Angelina playing Elizabeth…I do not know about that. Elizabeth Taylor was a classic beauty with delicate face features. I do not think Angelina is suitable for that role. It’s just my opinion.
  11. O, Baby, drop the towel, pleeease
  12. Just the way I like him, in bed and naked I like this movie already.
  13. This photo should be a poster! The eyes, the hair, the car, the green grass behind him. It is a picture perfect! I love the expression on his face, very sexy
  14. He looks great! Love those muscled legs (soccer legs). It looks like he has a lot of fun making this movie. Thanks for the pics!
  15. This role is sound like very intense, rough emotions kind of role. So I believe she could be right as far as Oscar nomination goes. Because he is so incredibly good when he plays these type of roles (Leonidas, Eric, Jonny)
  16. They are all so cute! I love soccer too. I grew up in soccer-crazy country . Thank you for the pics.
  17. He is not creepy i.m.o. From what I've seen he looks real good in his new movie with Reese Witherspoon Water For Elephants. I apologize if I offended anyone. I was just expressing my personal opinion.
  18. I could never understand attraction to Robert Pattison. To me he is kinda crippy looking even without his Vanmipre make up.
  19. Good for him! He is always #1 on my list I think Brad and George are like an old record need to be put away on the shelf for a while.
  20. I think I am going to spontaneously combust in a minute. Nice knowing you guys
  21. Every time I open this site I am like a kid on Christmas morning excited to open up her presents. Every time there are new pics of my favorite guy posted here. I just want to say thank you, guys. He looks georgous and those beautiful eyes
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