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  1. I love that picture. He looks so happy. Gerry looks gorgeous as always. They are both such talented guys. I hope Brody's Oscar win will rob off on Gerry and he'll get one of those Golden guys next year I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  2. I totaly agree with everyone about his privacy. I just want to say, Good for him! I wish him much more this year (money and success).
  3. Thanks for the pics, guys. He looks great as always. I admire his patience. All those paparazzi and photographers would drive me insane. I know it part of the job but it must be soo annoying.
  4. Thank you, guys for all the pics and videos. I do not have BBC either. My heart is doing a little happy dance right now. It is always so good to see him in all his handsome male glory which "may possibly be able to reverse the menopause" (I love that!), to see him happy and jocking around.
  5. Hi, Gerry. Have a very happy Valentine full of love and joy! I love and admire you so very much for your talent, for your great appetite for life, for your always smiling and may I say absolutely beautiful eyes. You are the best and you deserve only the best in life. Sabina
  6. This is so great! One more Gerry's movie to look forward too. All those Hawaiian pics gave us a little preview.
  7. This is fantastic news! I am so excited to see the movie. I feel this year will be a great year for his carrier. It looks like both of his movies start to get a lot of attention.
  8. Thank you for your post and welcome to GALS. I cannot wait to see the movie. It sound like it will bring GB the recognition he deserves. I really really hope so.
  9. I like TBH, it was funny and cute. I agree there were worth movies last year than TBH ("Killers" for example). I am pretty sure Gerry will have a good laugh out of this one. I hope it will bring him luck and he'll get some big award next year for Coriolanus or Machine-gun or both. I will keep my fingers cross.
  10. Wow, he in a good company there, some of the Hollywood finest.
  11. I am so happy for him. It is a good news. It made my day too.
  12. I am so looking forward to see this movie. I wish it would premier in the US on February 25, right before my birthday (mine is on the 26th). It would be great birthday present, don't you think.
  13. O my, he looks so handsome!!! I love this slick, sophisticated look on him. Very sexy!
  14. I love him with his hair long, I love him with his hair short, straigh, curly (I would probably love him with his head bold). I love all his funny faces, I just love him period Thank you Ren and Lisa for the video. He looks simply amazing and , and when he gave the photographers his signature wink I had a major
  15. Frannie, I think we all wish we could handle it
  16. Yeah, they've been dating for a while. I like the idea of warning label There is always a "danger" of being "butlerized"
  17. O his has a booty alright Didn't you see "Rocknrolla"? He has very nice one
  18. Did anybody saw TMZ yesterday? They were showing photo of Gerry with Julian Huff (I hope I spelled her last name correctly). They were saying that Brian seacrest is crazy to let his girlfriend anywhere near Butler . They also said that He probably "buter" every woman there. He probobly did
  19. That was soo Gerry At least it was for charity. You've got to appreciate his creativity
  20. I absolutely love to watch him dance. He is such a cute dancer, even a little bit guffy in a good way.
  21. He looks great! Love his legs hairy or not still sexyy Thanks for the pics, guys
  22. You think? I'm sure you know like we all know. I've been in love with the man for almost a year (I didn't see any of his movies until last February (P.S. I Love You) that I knew his name. But that movie just made my hormones do a happy dance every time I see him. The key word in my statement is "totaly". I am completely and totaly in love with him. (P.S. I love you is one of my fav too)
  23. O My You can stick a fork in me, guys, I am done. and that girl is soo lucky, I just "hate" her. I think I am totaly in love with the guy
  24. OMG, guys, you crack me up! Please don't cut his locks off. They are so pretty. I agree about shaving in the dark though.
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