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  1. I do'nt have any real close friends except my sister, because my husband and children are my life. We just had our 11th anniversary on Sept. 5th. My children don't really know anything, well I know that they can tell that mommy is sad even though I am trying to act like everything is ok.
  2. we have 2 girls. It seems like that is all I can do is cry. It does not take much and the water works appear like right know. I don't want the kids to see me so upset and that is really hard. I keep telling myself that God doesn't put more on you than you can handle, well I wish that he did not think I could handle so much.
  3. well to my suprise I am going through one. I feel like my world is falling down around me (trying not to cry). I need some advise, help or something. Anyone understand?
  4. I would like to see Gerry in a new vampire movie. I would watch that, i just can not get into the ones out know, but who am i kiddig i would watch anything with him in it.
  5. please enter me in for the Bounty Hunter T-Shirt. Thanks, Dee1
  6. I love the sig. I haven't seen one like that.

  7. Hi i am Danielle or Dee1 and i am from Alabama. i have 2 girls. i like your sig.

  8. love your sig, i don't have one yet i guess i need to find me a gal that likes to make them and ask for one. i have been here for a few months and i am just now getting around to making new friends. have a great day! Dee

  9. got to love the king. Dee

  10. i hope you had a nice birthday! mine is in April as well. Dee

  11. love the sig. what beach where can i find so i can join yall.lol! Dee

  12. like the drawing it is cute,and love the sig. Dee

  13. Hi, cool tat. Dee

  14. Hi, i am kinda a shy person so i don't put things out there to much, but i like everthing you had to say above. nice to meet you. love the sig. Dee

  15. Hi, Dr. Em i love gals i have not been here to long but so far it just keeps getting better. Thanks Dee

  16. love your Gerry pic. Dee

  17. i will have to say that you have great taste for someone so young. I mean Gerry of course. smart girl. have a great day! Dee

  18. love your sig, and that phrase couldn't be more true! Dee

  19. great sig. isn't it wonderful to have such talented people around us. have a great day! Dee

  20. i love your pics of Gerry and i think it is great that you love everything Gerry.

  21. I like your springtime Sig. I live in the sticks also. Have a great day!

  22. I love your sig. have a great day!

  23. I love sunny and warm days. I live to love and love to live.

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