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  1. Thank you i have not bought my tickets back, but i think partir de France on wednesday afternoon, to be at the airport in LAS VEGAS on wednesday morning (at least i think it's here, for i have never flown in my life), then yes, i agree to take a taxi with other people, here is much nicer than any single...I also know, for booking the hotel, if someone know good no phone to call from France??? Thank you in advance for your answers and your kindness to all (is not really that easy to organize the expedition in LAS VEGAS), but i too really want to go, i'd do anything to get there...Kisses to all Patricia.
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    Help, i'm a fan of Gerry who like to go well with the convention of June from 3 to 5, but i never flew and never were as far in a foreign country of my life since the death of my husband...Y there would please a person or group that could happen to my m'aidée in LAS VEGAS (aréoport) and just guide me to the hotel??? I think that fly from France to me will not be a problem is mostly when i arrive in LAS VEGAS that the little French that i will soon be lost...So in advance a very very big thank you to all those who have the kindness to answer me and can be servire guide me in this great country if the united states...Amitiée Patricia.
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