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    Gerry, 3d and digital art, jewelry making, soap making, various crafts, computer gaming (WOW, SPP, Oblivion...), reading paranormal romance.

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  1. Put me down for everything except the t-shirt, please! Great idea!
  2. Just stopping by to deliver hugs. Take care!!


  3. Yum! Makes me want to smooch all over that clean face!
  4. Lovely pix, lovely chest! Aw, I was hoping he was on vacation in France. And hoping he'd go see that little french girl again. They were really cute together. (and I keep hoping he'll find a wife and settle down and have little Gerrys - gotta have something for future women to swoon over and those are great genes.)
  5. is totally digging the stuff on this website

  6. ================I voted, but this has become something of a silly runaway by now, don't ya think?
  7. ==================Maybe it just doesn't like Firefox?
  8. ===========Arggg! Did anyone actually get this with sound? I got none. Guess I'll have to learn to lip read...
  9. =======================That was so sweet! Thanks for sharing it with us. Gawd, Gerry needs to have kids - he's be such a fun and loving dad. Get busy, Gerry!
  10. Hi gals. Saw the latest pictures and - waaaahhh! He shaved down the beard. I was really loving that. But at least his hair is still longer, which I also like. Wonder how long that will last. I'm still trying to find my way around here. I keep thinking maybe I should change my name since there's already a very prominent Dawn here.... Is that possible or do I need to rejoin under another name? Dawn D (aka wheeter)
  11. Hi there! I'm still around. What's new?

  12. Just stopping by to say, "Hi!" =)

  13. Thank you for posting the article and pictures! I have to say though, I'm not quite sure what to think about it. It makes me sad that he is more anxious and not as happy as we might think. It does sound like he has not totally made peace with himself. I would have hoped that all of the self-destructive tendencies had gone away by now and it worries me that he he still not settled in himself and his life. I think he needs to take a break! The last few years have been so busy. It worries me that this article could be misunderstood and misquoted and come back to bite him on the arse. He is so vulnerable and a little too candid. The interviewer seems a bit critical to me and is not showing Gerry in the best light. Is this honesty, or just picking someone and their career (thus far) apart? (and, boy, I'd really like to sit Gerry down for a few hours and talk about life, the universe and everything. I'd like to see what's really going on in there. I have issues too, so maybe I just want to compare notes...) I read another very recent interview by that mag at their website on Mel Gibson, and it was more of the same attitude - picking him apart and showing a very gritty sort of view. A lot of negative emotions and suppositions. I have to wonder, is this a new trend? Is this what people want to see now? And how much of that negativity is being created by the writer and how much reflects what's really there? I understand how you can view this as being honest, down to earth and almost endearing, but... (shaking head) Bothered in Virginia (Dawn D)
  14. Since the 'download' part of that link no longer works, does anyone have a copy of their downloaded audio that they could send me? I'm only a few years late, but this is a nice interview I'd like to add to my collection. Thanks for any help you can give this newbie!
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