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  1. Hello...My sister(GerrysGalwayGirl) will be visiting London in 5 years while on a month-long holiday through England, Scotland and Ireland. I hope we can meet up while we're there. Do you have a facebook profile?

  2. Do you have a facebook profile?

  3. Hello....I'm going to be in LA in early March for the premiere of gerry's movie Playing the Field. Hopefully we can meet while I'm there.

  4. Welcome to GALS! Wow, China....That's great...

  5. Hello....It'll be 4 or 5 years before I make it, but I'm planning a trip to England, Scotland and Ireland and will be in your area during part of the trip. We'll have to meet up...:)

    Do you have a facebook page?

  6. You should come up to Oklahoma City...My other GALfriend Linda(lindalou42) is coming up with a friend and meet up for retail therapy at our new outlet mall, movie and dinner. The date is October 15. Hope you can make it.

  7. You look like a girl Gerry would be attracted to....and you DO NOT look 42....I would've guessed mid-late 20s. Your birthday is 5 days before mine.

  8. Thanks...I sent you a FB friend request.

  9. Welcome to GALS! Do you have a Facebook account?

  10. I'll give you plenty of heads up before we get there...

  11. I'll be in London in spring 2015(that's my plan at least) maybe a little later depending on when I finish school) on my UK/Ireland trip. Hopefully we can meet up sometime. Do you have a facebook account?

  12. How far do you living from London? I know it's quite a ways off(a little less than 4 years) but I'm planning on being in London for about 4 days during my UK/Ireland trip. Hopefully we can meet up. I'm studying Forensics too.

  13. Welcome to GALS! Where do you live in NC? I've been to Asheville and Greensboro and passed through Charlotte.

  14. Ok...I sent a friend request. :)

  15. I can't wait to meet you in vegas! Do you have a facebook profile?

  16. I look forward to meeting all the GALS in Vegas. This will be my first con as well.

  17. I look forward to meeting you in Vegas! :)

  18. I look forward to seeing you in Vegas! :)

  19. Welcome to GALS! Thanks for the post on your thoughts about MGP movie.

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