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  1. I may have said it here or someplace else(Facebook perhaps) that I'd love to see Gerry do one episode of either CSI or CSI:NY...I could so see him as a murder suspect trying to charm Katherine or Stella and butt heads with Mac Taylor. I think Gerry and Gary(Sinise) would be a great. It'll never happen I'm sure, but I can dream. I thiink Gerry would be amazing in Paul Newman's role if they remade Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. JMO
  2. I'm glad to hear that he was lip synching cuz I know Gerry can sing way better than that...LOL I'm shocked at what UK shows get away with that would be fined heavily over here in the states. Gerry seemed to be a ladies man from the beginning.
  3. He can kiss me like that anytime!!!
  4. My friend at work made a comment that he looked "fat" in the ads for Bounty Hunter. I explained he was supposed to look like his character was kinda letting himself go a bit but he didn't have a beer belly or anything...just no defined abs like in 300. I also told her he had slimmed down(a tad too much but still smokin' hot) since the movie. I thought Gerry looked really good in Bounty Hunter...nice that he has a "Jennifer Lopez arse" now...he did used to be somewhat flat in the back(Mrs. Brown, damn he was way too skinny then and pale).
  5. I totally agree...He looks smoking HOT! I love the facial hair too. Verrry sexxxy....
  6. OMG! What I wouldn't give to meet Gerry...THUD!!! He's the perfect man!

  7. I've only been a fan for a about a month now and smack myself mentally for not catching on to this talented man long before. I remember ads for POTO and did intend to see it just mainly cuz I loved the music but just never got around to it. I also remember ads for 300 which didn't appeal to me at the time cuz of it being so bloody. PS I Love looked like a great movie that I never got around to seeing. My sister bought PS I Love You and POTO at the urging of one of her classmates. I watched PS I Love and thought Gerry was great in it and made me want to find my own Leprechaun...LOL. Then we watched POTO when she told me Gerry played the Phantom. Yes, I was quite hesitant to see it cuz I only knew about MC and SB but was willing to give it a chance. Boy am I glad I did...I think my mouth hung open most of the movie due to my shock that Gerry could pull off singing those songs. IMO, Gerry and Emmy were way better than Michael and Sarah. Gerry's "ruined" the role of the Phantom, not in a bad way at all but now I don't want to see the Phantom played by anyone else. He made the Phantom more human so I felt sympathy for his facial deformity and wished Christine had chosed Erik over Raoul. Since seeing those two movies, I now own a vast majority of Gerry's work, including Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married. Gerry is such a remarkable actor who knows how to make each character his so much that no one could top him. His eyes speak volumes, from sadness, happiness, passion, rage and every emotion in between. His eyes truly are the windows to his soul.
  8. I totally agree that Dear Frankie and The Jury are big tear jerkers....It tears me up to see Gerry cry(adding Attila to that when N'Kara dies). Those eyes just do me in....They truly are the window into his soul.
  9. I'm starting to smell a possible Oscar is Gerry's future....I have a feeling he'll get one sooner rather than later...hopefully....He's brilliant!
  10. There's nothing wrong with working at wal-mart....sorry if it came off sounding like that. I was trying to say I can do better than working at Wal-mart for the rest of my life.
  11. For all you GALS who got to be there, lucky you! I think I would've melted right then and there but instead melted in my bedroom. Thanks for posting name of song since my sister and I were clueless on what he was singing....He can sing anything and sound great....Gerry looked super fine tonight....YOWZA!!!! Did I overdo it on the smilies? LOL
  12. Great article...I'm always mentally berating myself for screwing up and wasting so much of my life in a dead-end job even though I'm capable of so much more. I'm 38(39 in September) and still working at Wal-mart. While I'm appreciative to have a job in this tough economy, I can do better. I am currently working on doing just that....I'm working on a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice with a major in Criminal Investigation and minor in Homeland Security. When I'm not at work or studying for class, I'm studying computer forensics and security on the side. Once I finish school in about 3 years, I'll take more specialized forensics classes to study weapons, forensic chemistry and toxicology while working at the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation before transferring to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. A big thanks Gerry for his refreshing honesty and humility. He's the best and proof that even when someone's had issues, he found a real passion in life and went after it. I love Gerry!
  13. That man never fails to make me laugh in interviews....LMAO....
  14. I had trouble hearing the questions as well. The interviewer needed to speak louder.
  15. I thought my eyeballs were gonna pop out. I had to go to work after the movie and probably had the cheesiest grin the whole night just thinking about him in that towel...and without...LOL
  16. I saw The Jury available on Amazon but I was able to get it on Ebay for only $10....
  17. His "crooked" smile and they way he talks reminds me of a guy I know who has Bell's Palsy. It affected his right side as well. The only difference between my friend with BP and Gerry is my friend's face was temporarily paralyzed...but I believe the same facial nerve is affected. I happen to adore Gerry's crooked smile. I've noticed in most every interview I've seen he always sits on the right so he can hear better out of his left ear. His hearing issues and crooked don't seem to diminish our love of Gerry. He's still perfect in my eyes. Too bad he doesn't have a twin brother.
  18. My "grandmother" is 76 and thinks Gerard is very attractive...She loves Dracula 2000, Dear Frankie and Phantom of the Opera. Maybe I'll take her to go see The Bounty Hunter. I think she'd love it...LOL The reason I have grandmother in quotes is because she's not my biological grandmother. Both my real grandmothers have passed away. She and her husband "adopted" me as a granddaughter. The consider me as a granddaughter and I consider them grandparents.
  19. Me too! My throat was so sore from crying from this movie. Adding to seeing the movie is reading the book....I must've gone through half a box of kleenex reading the book. The book/movie is so touching because everyone has lost someone(or many people) so almost everyone can relate. I lost my beloved grandmother over three years ago to heart issues/hepatitis C/liver cancer and still feel a deeply profound sense of loss. I always feel I never told her how much I loved her enough. I so want to find a guy like Gerry Kennedy....do guys like that really exist? I haven't found one yet....Maybe all of them are in Ireland. I'm currently planning a trip to Ireland, England and Scotland for late spring of next year.
  20. Those are all the same parts that get me all choked up too. I want to add one more...when Holly lays in bed repeatedly dialing Gerry's phone just to hear his voice. SOB!!!
  21. You got that right! Holy cow!!!
  22. Here's my question: Out of all your female costars, which one or ones would you like to do another movie with the most?
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