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  1. Jentry, you are an extremely lucky young lady. How did you manage to find him? Very pretty young lady with a beautiful smile. Gerry is a wonderful man. I've never met him YET, but can tell he's the best. I fell in love with him within the first 5 minutes of "P.S. I Love You".
  2. Yeah, I won't be able to make it to Vegas this year after all. Serious financial issues cropped up. Next year should be a go.
  3. Let's just say if Gerry was my patient (God help me) and it was just for a regular visit, I would be creating some new pulse points. (wink wink). I'd hate to have to perform an ekg on him since that would involve shaving his chest. I would have jello knees if I walked into an exam room and saw that hunk of gorgeousness sitting on the exam table.
  4. finishing up my 8th week of school to be a registered Medical Assistant. Tonight our instructor set up 2 ekg machines and we were in groups of three. She had two groups compete against the clock on who could get a complete ekg run the fastest. We got ours hooked up and paper printed at 2 minutes! I'm sure in the e.r. when the patient is having chest pains, the doc wats to know what's going on asap. I do want to specialize in cardiology assisting and know how to spot a problematic ekg reading. We can't do actual diagnosing, but if we know what to look for, we can point it out to the dr. so he can properly treat. I will have to take my section finals BEFORE I can be released to go to Vegas for the convention. In 2 weeks we do our cpr certification and testing on using an auto defibrillator. I love my class. I got the best teacher, plus she thinks Gerry is cute.
  5. I thought there'd be a Vegas Convention countdown clock up by now? Less than 3 months to go.
  6. I'm not a moderator, but I think people can register until sometime in May. My sister and I have our $100 deposits in. Hope you decide to go! I'm sure it will be fun regardless if G-man shows up or not. (think I should take my blood pressure cuff in case he does?)
  7. Christine and I will be there! I am missing three days of school, so I offered to go to the BODIES exhibit and do a report. Depending on if I have to take tests after I return or take them before I go, I may have to cut out early (unless Gerry makes an appearance, but I know that is very unlikely).
  8. I agree with all of you that said they don't care what Gerry makes. I would date that man if he flipped burgers at McDonald's and still had the same charming personality. You could have all the money in the world and I wouldn't want it if the person wasn't a jerk. What I love about Gerry is WHO he is (charming, sexy, generous, intelligent, witty, etc.), not WHAT he is (actor).
  9. I love love love that aran afghan. It looks so toasty warm. Next year when I go to Ireland (and Scotland), I'm getting me a sweater with the ONeal clan design. All I know ys that each clan has it's own unique pattern.
  10. I'm not an EMT or a paramedic, BUT I am studying to be a registered medical assistant. I would say your pulse is 140 and respirations are 30(fast and shallow breaths). Gerry has that effect on women!
  11. Ok, bestill my heart (and hormones), but I just realized that Gerry and Alex are both in Hawaii. Now I just need to be there to fulfill my fantasy of a threesome with Alex and Gerry.
  12. Damn it! Kristine, I was really hoping you could make it this year. When does school let out?
  13. On Monday I started going to night classes at a vocational school to be a medical assistant. I graduate November 8. In January I can take the national board exam to be a registered Medical Assistant. Just trying to decide whether I want to specialize in Orthopedics or OB/GYN. But my booty will be in Vegas for the convention. I've already told my instructor about it. She thinks he's very hot.
  14. If I wasn't going to school, I would be there on the 7th, but won't be there til the 8th in the morning. probably staying at the Luxor for 1 night and then moving to the LV Hilton for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
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