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  1. Jentry, you are an extremely lucky young lady. How did you manage to find him? Very pretty young lady with a beautiful smile. Gerry is a wonderful man. I've never met him YET, but can tell he's the best. I fell in love with him within the first 5 minutes of "P.S. I Love You".
  2. Yeah, I won't be able to make it to Vegas this year after all. Serious financial issues cropped up. Next year should be a go.
  3. Let's just say if Gerry was my patient (God help me) and it was just for a regular visit, I would be creating some new pulse points. (wink wink). I'd hate to have to perform an ekg on him since that would involve shaving his chest. I would have jello knees if I walked into an exam room and saw that hunk of gorgeousness sitting on the exam table.
  4. finishing up my 8th week of school to be a registered Medical Assistant. Tonight our instructor set up 2 ekg machines and we were in groups of three. She had two groups compete against the clock on who could get a complete ekg run the fastest. We got ours hooked up and paper printed at 2 minutes! I'm sure in the e.r. when the patient is having chest pains, the doc wats to know what's going on asap. I do want to specialize in cardiology assisting and know how to spot a problematic ekg reading. We can't do actual diagnosing, but if we know what to look for, we can point it out to the dr. so he can properly treat. I will have to take my section finals BEFORE I can be released to go to Vegas for the convention. In 2 weeks we do our cpr certification and testing on using an auto defibrillator. I love my class. I got the best teacher, plus she thinks Gerry is cute.
  5. I thought there'd be a Vegas Convention countdown clock up by now? Less than 3 months to go.
  6. I'm not a moderator, but I think people can register until sometime in May. My sister and I have our $100 deposits in. Hope you decide to go! I'm sure it will be fun regardless if G-man shows up or not. (think I should take my blood pressure cuff in case he does?)
  7. Christine and I will be there! I am missing three days of school, so I offered to go to the BODIES exhibit and do a report. Depending on if I have to take tests after I return or take them before I go, I may have to cut out early (unless Gerry makes an appearance, but I know that is very unlikely).
  8. I agree with all of you that said they don't care what Gerry makes. I would date that man if he flipped burgers at McDonald's and still had the same charming personality. You could have all the money in the world and I wouldn't want it if the person wasn't a jerk. What I love about Gerry is WHO he is (charming, sexy, generous, intelligent, witty, etc.), not WHAT he is (actor).
  9. I love love love that aran afghan. It looks so toasty warm. Next year when I go to Ireland (and Scotland), I'm getting me a sweater with the ONeal clan design. All I know ys that each clan has it's own unique pattern.
  10. I'm not an EMT or a paramedic, BUT I am studying to be a registered medical assistant. I would say your pulse is 140 and respirations are 30(fast and shallow breaths). Gerry has that effect on women!
  11. Ok, bestill my heart (and hormones), but I just realized that Gerry and Alex are both in Hawaii. Now I just need to be there to fulfill my fantasy of a threesome with Alex and Gerry.
  12. Damn it! Kristine, I was really hoping you could make it this year. When does school let out?
  13. On Monday I started going to night classes at a vocational school to be a medical assistant. I graduate November 8. In January I can take the national board exam to be a registered Medical Assistant. Just trying to decide whether I want to specialize in Orthopedics or OB/GYN. But my booty will be in Vegas for the convention. I've already told my instructor about it. She thinks he's very hot.
  14. If I wasn't going to school, I would be there on the 7th, but won't be there til the 8th in the morning. probably staying at the Luxor for 1 night and then moving to the LV Hilton for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  15. Probably speaking too soon, but 2012 is out for me and Christine (going to Ireland & Scotland), as well as 2013 (moving and settling into Tennessee with new jobs. But this year, we'll be there with Tammie (GerrysOklaGirl)
  16. Not sure if we'll be there Wednesday-sunday or Thursday-Monday.
  17. We booked our room last night...Vegas, here we come!
  18. Thanks, doesn't really matter if it's Friday or Saturday.
  19. My friend Tammie got THE MANUAL by Steve Sanagati. We were wanting to have a powerpoint presentation of info from the book about bad boys. Very funny and informative.
  20. There are ways to work off the cupcakes :cunning: As my best friend calls it, "Bed Time Aerobics". That's one workout plan I could stick with for a lifetime, especially if Gerry was my "personal trainer".
  21. Yeah, his legs do look hairless. From past pictures though, the hair appears darker when they're wet.
  22. He is in amazing shape, I was mainly looking at his legs and butt. Maybe it was the black shorts.
  23. If Gerry loses any more weight, he'll disappear. I think he's the sexiest man in the world, but getting ridiculously skinny.
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