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  1. Gerry's looking quite dashing Mr. Fiennes is attending 'Coriolanus' premiere in Belgrade on February 25th -- I'm hoping he'll bring Gerry along
  2. The main award on FEST is quite symbolic, not as important as the main award on Berlinale for example -- and there isn't one for the best supporting actor unfortunately This award is just a mere acknowledgement of the artistic accomplishments and the quality of a certain movie.
  3. Are you sure? The Guardian had an article yesterday saying that it was in competition, notable for the fact that it's the only British film in competition. Sorry for this obvious mistake 'Coriolanus' IS in competition on FEST -- and is already considered to be the main contender for the prize
  4. I'll be seeing this movie on February 25th in Belgrade -- CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!! Ralph Fiennes is coming and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Gerry will show up at the premiere
  5. It's now official: 'Coriolanus' will open this year's FEST (International Film Festival) in Belgrade (February 25th-March 6th 2011). This was confirmed at the introductory press conference yesterday. Ralph Fiennes also confirmed his arrival, but nothing was said about Gerry and his possible visit I'm still hoping he'll surprise us and unexpectedly arrive at the premiere. :faint: 'Coriolanus' will have its world premiere in Berlin, where this British-Serbian co-production will be shown out of competition.
  6. This man is gorgeous :ohbaby: I do think he looks rather tired and warn out, and also, I am not a fan of this straightened hairdo -- a bit too much hair product all around. But, nevertheless YUMMY and SEXY as always!!!!!!
  7. Hey girls Really LONG time no see -- I've been quite busy lately, and wasn't able to actively participate in our conversations here on the forum. Ok, let's get to work -- regarding FEST (International Film Festival) in Belgrade: Nothing specific is being revealed in this article (from Blic) -- Domestic theatrical distributor of the movie is hoping to bring 'Coriolanus' to FEST. They are planning to have movie premiere on FEST, which will be held in Belgrade, from 25th February to 6th March 2011, and thus fulfill the promise given by the selector and artistic managers of this festival during Fiennes's stay in our capital last year. 'Coriolanus' will have its world premiere in Berlin, where this British-Serbian co-production will be shown out of competition. The introductory press conference, regarding the upcoming festival will be held on Wednesday, 19 January 2011. I'm hoping that all the speculations and rumors will be confirmed then. Fiennes was a special guest of the last year's FEST -- we would certainly love to see him again in Belgrade. And Gerry too, but that goes without saying I will keep you informed and post whatever I find regarding their possible visit. :rose:
  8. Happy Birthday Mr. Butler!!!!!!! May all your dreams and secret wishes come true. Stay true to yourself!!!! Have a marvelous day Kisses, Tamara
  9. Thank goodness indeed!!!!!!! He's back and everywhere apparently -- YAY!!!!!!!!
  10. Just popped around after a while -- ten sexiest MEN???!!!!!!! I have to say I'm a bit confused -- teenage boys pronounced to be the sexiest men, and some of them babies, not even teenagers??!!! Laughable True!!!!! But, i'm especially proud Gerry made his way on this list -- if nothing, he can raise the criteria for all of the future 'the sexiest men' polls
  11. http://justjared.buzznet.com/2010/07/19/gerard-butler-rebel/ Gerard Butler walks and talks on his cell phone while out and about on Sunday afternoon (July 18) in Detroit, Mich.
  12. This is so hard!!!! I would easily choose all of these things -- just imagine, skinny dipping or slow dancing with Gerry???!!!! :heat: I had to go with site seeing Scotland -- it would be magical to be able to enjoy Gerry as a guide...and a bit more
  13. He looks amazing -- I'm loving this new hair do Moira
  14. The mentioned party was on May 31st -- he had probably arrived the day before that (or maybe even the same day) and stayed in Belgrade till Wednesday (June 2nd). I'm just glad to hear that he presumably had such a wonderful time in Bgd, while shooting 'Coriolanus', that he decided to visit again -- even for a short while And I also believe the second picture - clean shaven one - to be the new one
  15. Gerry was supposedly in Belgrade -- again!!!!! He arrived couple of days ago -- and attended a birthday party of Zeljko Mitrovic (on May 31st), the owner of "Pink" television. He came to the party accompanied by Marko Miskovic -- one of the producers of "Coriolanus". http://www.blic.rs/Zabava/Vesti/192532/Batler-na-rodjendanu-Zeljka-Mitrovica http://www.alo.rs/ljudi/27811/Batler_bez_riba_u_Beogradu Reportedly he arrived secretly for several days and visited a few restaurants and clubs -- "Mima bar" and "Freestyler". New picture: http://i49.tinypic.com/102kua1.jpg Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Paris, Moscow, Scotland, Belgrade...it's hard to keep up with our guy!!!!
  16. Gerry's certainly having fun all around Europe And YES -- his face, we get to see all of it after so long -- I've missed his face, it's a nice change. Alissiya
  17. :lmao: In deed -- we rarely get to see this kind of fashion style on him I liked his grayish hair more, but OOLALA!!!! He's always good looking!!!!
  18. Gerry looks amazing!!!!!!!!! He always looks but in that suit, and with his beard trimmed and his sexy salt/pepper hair...just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I found this piece of information on Artists for Peace and Justice Facebook page: 'huge fundraiser for APJ planned for tomorrow night in Cannes. Co-hosted by APJ Founder Paul Haggis and Advisory Board members Russell Crowe and Gerard Butler. Special thanks to Oscar Generale and Moran Atias for organizing this! 100% of the proceeds from the event will be directed to APJ!' ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Artists-for-Peace-and-Justice/279861008884 ) This was posted yesterday! So, I guess Gerry's going to be there
  20. My thoughts exactly, Kathy It's always tricky to believe every single article out there. Actors/artists in general get misquoted even in direct interviews -- and when we read a reporter's interpretation of a certain event, we can only assume that some of his personal and subjective impressions are included in such an article. I am certain Gerry did his very best as usual.
  21. I've just found one more picture of Gery at Monaco Grand Prix: http://i43.tinypic.com/qzjdsj.jpg I wonder what's on that camera he's holding :p
  22. It's astonishing to have him in Europe, isn't it???!!! And he's been here quite a while now, even after the movie shooting -- Europe suits him well. I agree with you, Theresa, that maybe, just maybe, American GALS do take for granted having him in the States all of the time. They are in deed lucky gals New pics are wonderful Tamara
  23. Great picture of Gerry with today's winner Mark Webber: http://sports.sfbay.yahoo.com/top/photo?slug=219281de1ef4b48b56bef47cb3ed7a1a-getty-98100355kr039_f1_grand_prix And one more from GettyImages: http://i44.tinypic.com/10di7wn.jpg Looking goooooood
  24. Gerry IS in Monaco -- he was on the grid walk today. No articles or pictures can be found YET. Stay alert, GALS BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monaco: "You might not want to hear this but it's a picture-perfect day in Monte Carlo. The yachts are sunning themselves in the harbour and Mont Agel is crested with blue skies. It's all very sociable in the paddock; there's a brief glimpse of a driver before they disappear out of the way of the grand prix guests. The odd VIP often pops down, I can't imagine why, and we're expecting singer and actress Jennifer Lopez to rock up, while Scottish heartthrob Gerard Butler, Paris Hilton and the Sugababes are already in town. You don't have to be a celeb to get a glimpse of the inner-workings of the paddock either as this is also one of those rare races when fans can get quite close by walking along the narrow strip of the harbour with a view into the team motor homes."
  25. Having read some other articles on Gerry being in Dubrovnik, it was my impression that they were/are all there solely for fun -- they won't be filming in Dubrovnik. Most of the tourists from Kotor decide to visit Dubrovnik as well. It takes about 2 and a half hours (by bus) to get from Kotor to Dubrovnik -- and I would imagine it takes less than 15 min with this boat Nice pics, Cheryl
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