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  1. Theresa thank you too. I will respond soon. Just something very bad happned here which broke my heart. My female college's son, age 25 died in a car crash on thursday.Its one of the most horrorfiing experiences for me. I know this lady for 10 years since i started to study. She is like an angel..divorced and lives with her son alone. She is from russia...a teacher..such a wonderful person. Now one can help her now....and i saw her and many think..she is dying now...her soul her heart..nothing we can do. we have to watvh how she is dying. she is not at work now for many weeks...but no hour goes by we do not talk about her. what a cruel life....why does a mother have to experience this? i am so shocked and like n trance.... Sorry i had to write down.
  2. has anyone seen a pic of it? god he was so young back then. found some pics here: http://weiner1proboardscom.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=photos&action=display&thread=1957
  3. I know suzie but it was also planned to be filmed live action with a 25mio$ extra budget. of course imposssible taht the company agreed. kinda sad but thats life. He was also up for a part in the final film before he got this BLACK FREIGHTER. but i do not know which one. In the end he did not do it anyway.
  4. some i found are 300 sequel Watchmen The illustrated man knight and day priest
  5. "A Knight in Shining Armor" by Jude Deveraux i had a look. it sounds fine.
  6. So much love here. I have no words. all i can say ow is i felt so fine last night and you helped me. I will go on and share more here...soon. Hurray
  7. ren you rock. i tahnky ou. the hair looks fab that way. I must say i did not check all the pics yet. you know? it kinda is always emotional for me..lol. so i do it from tme to time but not all at once. I promise to scna my german artciles that month and send you for your website.
  8. Just saw this. http://www.notstarring.com/actors/butler-gerard I am sue there is LOTS of more. Would like to list them down. can anyone help me?
  9. So nice you all are. well, i must say i am not that gay-emancipated to talk about this in front of girls ;-) Still i am not fully out, still i struggle with my real -me, still i date girls. Its not an easy story. Anyway, it will come and i will tell you all. What got me was...well something feminine ( i know you may hate this) Gerry has. A butch man, yet looking/acting kinda soft too and has no fear with this. Something i can look up to. He is a real man, but also a big lost boy and also acting 'butch' but inside maybe he is as most unsecure men - softer. I love this. My role model to be the person you are. I am not sure if you can unerstand this ;-) Anyway, the film that got me was, of course, 300. But not cos he ran around hlf naked ectr. Just becuase its a film most man liked. Its cool, action and all this. Then i found out more from him and saw that silly person he sometimes is in interviews ectr. He looked so diff. than he was in the film. I fell in love with the picture, the way he laughs, thisbeer drinking pup image, the fun he has , the unmatureness, ectr. Like i am. One day, well...it hit me. i am truly desperatly in love with this man. Its not good and i thought i am over this with 28 now. But....sht, i dream each night and day, imagine storys with him and me...bla bla bla...as much as you all do. Now, i just moved into his apartment ;-) So, please leave me alone with gerry.hahhahaha well, i am happy i can talk with others about this. yet, it feels not easy for me. I feel ushamed. and as i said....i am not strong enough yet to cope with my sexuality.
  10. wow tahts quick. yeah please chnage all to jon...please ;-)
  11. hi barb yeah, please if possible, change to JON, ja? would be mor epersonal. thank you ;-)
  12. delene, where can i find a moderator here?
  13. you are very kind. thank you again. my real name is Jon but i can not change my name here,or? i hate Just
  14. Thank you. I follow you all here since over a year..but sometimes the forum is very confusing to me. SOooooooooooooooooooooo many stations to go. a but too much to keep it followed. anyway, maybe one day i find a nice talking partnr here....who has some feelings as i do for gerry
  15. s**t..never thought it would happen that i fell for a star. but he is my dream. any other gay men here?
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