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    I love to read and will read most anything. I am a HUGE movie freak. I spend a lot of time renting movies and going to the movies. I love spending time with my family, I am super close to my parents and my sister. My husband is my best friend and no matter what we do or where we go we have a blast, without him my world would suck. I love animals, especially my black lab/german shepherd Licorice Abigail (yes she has a middle name, don't laugh at me), who is my baby, I even celebrate her birthday which is April 9th. I looooove to sing karaoke, I suck horribly but my cousin owns a pretty nice system and I have spent many Friday and Saturday nights with a mic in my hand doing duets with my sis thinking we are the greatest thing ever. I also love Gerry Butler!!! lol. I stumbled upon him by accident in the movie Law Abiding Citizen and have been mesmerized since.

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  1. Wonderful pics!!!! So, I just checked how far Melvindale, MI is from Logan, OH (where I live)...only 4 hours away!!!! And I will be off of work for a week when they start filming...but if I asked to go to MI so out of the blue my husband would start asking questions lol, only because the 2 times I have been to MI it scared me :/.
  2. I wanted to be part of this club too!!!! People with green eyes are sexy and seductive. They are the most passionate lovers. They have an air of mystery around them. They are beautiful and always attracted to the opposite sex. They can be very good friends. They like nature and the outdoors. They have an adventurous streak in them. Green-eyed people are usually quite jolly and love to crack jokes. Totally do not agree with the first part. I can be a good friend, but I'm not very trusting. I don't think I am adventurous, I find myself boring. I am usually a happy person and I do love to joke around....I guess I would say mine is half true.
  3. We went and seen it last Saturday at the drive-in. I also loved the first one and was excited about the 2nd one and to top it off AC/DC did the soundtrack. I was honestly disappointed, I just couldn't get into it like I did the first one....I was actually kinda bummed :/. I have had a really tough last couple of days. Yesterday at work was a NIGHTMARE!!!!! Here lately I have been so wore out and spending 10+ hours at work stocking shelves, doing customer service and cleaning on top of all that has really gotten to me...THEN I ended up with a HUGE nest of honey bees in my stock room. The stupid things would dive at you if you walked in the back. So I called my district manager, to tell her about the problem and that is where everything really went downhill. After telling my DM about the bees and how I was afraid someone was gonna get stung and have an allergic reaction (my dad is deathly allergic) she got kinda short with me, after we hung up something happened and her phone called me back. She was talking to someone and she said "She said she was allergic to bees and that she was going to have an allergic reaction if she got stung and that it was a real problem. I don't know why she had to bug me, how many times do I have to teach her to call maintenance and not bug me. I am so sick of my employees s#!tting on me. Is getting old." I just hung up. I was SOOOOOO ticked off. I was to the point of tears I was so mad. Of course corporate told me to call a local bee keeper. WTF??????? I live in Hickville, USA, no lie. We don't have bee keepers around here!!!!! So me and my husband spent the day trying to figure out what to do. In the meantime my DM called me back to check on the situation. I was so mad by this time I let everything fly. I told her that if she wants to talk about someone, she needs to make sure she hangs up her phone first. She tried to change the subject but I wasn't having it. I completely unloaded on how I felt about her. I told her I thought she was arrogant, rude, and just a right down snob when she was in the store or on the phone and the way she was talking to whoever was REALLY inappropriate considering her position. I also went off about how she accused me of faking all my female troubles back in September. I friggin' almost bled to death in the bathroom (I have a co-worker, a mom, a husband and a nurse that saw how I was bleeding that day) and she said I faked it. I just totally went off, I didn't hold back. She said sometime me and her need to sit down and have a talk because we need to work out our differences. I honestly think I kinda hurt her feelings by calling her arrogant, rude and snobby. But she is and she deserved to hear it and I never apologized and I won't. And I am not gonna lie, it made me feel better. Sometimes I am brutally honest and I can usually keep stuff to myself, but I just got to the point I couldn't hold it in anymore. But, today I did not see any bees...it was also a little cooler out. AND I did find a local bee keeper, or I should say my husband did at the local flea market. And he said he hates to say it, but the only thing to do is exterminate for them. After all of that, I am hoping the new girl quits at work. She wasn't helping my nerves at all. On a good note, last night at Wal-Mart me and my husband found an awesome deal. They had "deleted" items of shampoo and conditioner that they marked down. The huge bottle of Head and Shoulders, Selsun Blue, TRESemme, Aussie, and Pantene that cost about $9 were all marked down to $.10. I got about 30 bottles of shampoo and conditoner and only spent $3.10. I swear for me and my husband it will be a lifetime supply. Sorry for the venting, thanks for listening (or in this case reading)!!!! Kalyn
  4. I just kinda breezed through the post....I feel like I have been so outta touch the last few days....I'm either at work or trying to catch up on stuff around the house or I am making bracelets and other stuff for Relay 4 Life next month to help out my mom's team (she is a 13 year breast cancer survivor!). So much going on....I almost need clones to keep up. Those of you who hate crickets would hate my dog lol. She LOVES crickets. We get them in the house sometimes and she gets so excited. She runs back and forth between the cricket and me and my husband because she wants us to see it. She just needs to learn that if she smacks it with her paw it kills it. You can tell she gets all sad when it don't move anymore. The other day when I was at my mom's and she had her dog outside, she ran inside cause she said she seen a bird put a baby snack in the gutter. My dad just laughed at her, my husband went and checked it out but didn't see anything. I made sure I took the LONG way around and didn't walk by that section of the house to get to my car lol. I hope everyone is getting stuff cleaned out from all the floods. So so sad . I'm watching a show about a girl who eats weird things....she eats chalk every day, and when she does laundry she drinks a little bit of the detergent!!! She even said that if she could she would eat the edge of her pool because she liked the texture. Gross!!!! I love looking at all the siggies of Gerry *sigh*. He makes me smile. K...enough rambling... Kalyn
  5. is wondering if her husband is Scotish....since I seem to be obsessed with Scotish men ;)

  6. Ow!!!! I have dropped stuff on my toes and stubbed my toes so many times....the worst when I was about 10(?) me and my cousins were in my room and I stubbed my little toe on the floor register....I screamed at the top of my lungs....Remembering the pain from that still makes me sick to my stomach! I hope it feels better soon!!! Not sure about the shoe situation...I think any shoe is gonna hurt unfortunately!
  7. It sounds like you had an amazing trip. And meeting Gerry on top of all the other fun stuff...can't beat that! I have a always thought it would be fun to go to a tapping of a talk show like that. I'm a super nervous person in just regular normal circumstances, and I am terrified that if I was ever lucky enough to meet Gerry (or any other celebrity that I admire so much) that I would pass out (or worse) and make a huge fool out of myself. I so admire people who can be so cool and calm in those situations. Kalyn
  8. Well, I feel a lot better. I'm not weird after all!!! lol. -=Bl@ck_VelveT=- - Ugh! Sorry you had those troubles. I get so ticked off at my job sometimes, so I completely understand. Bosses are such jerks sometimes!! You guys have no idea how happy I am that tomorrow is Friday...work has just been a nightmare this week!!! I'm getting another 3 day weekend and I am in much need of it!!! Its mine and my hubby's anniversary weekend. I hope everyone has a great night! I am off to curl up under the covers and wait for Flashforward to come on! Kalyn
  9. Thanks everyone!!! Kaci is adorable!!!!! Ha! I love the naming after their parents!!!! Our dog was a last minute decision. My best friends dog had puppies (she ran away and them came home pregnant) and I had wanted a dog for sooooo long! We couldn't think up any names. My SIL said we should call her Blacky but I wanted something not so "used". My husband hated the name Licorice, but I told him when he though up something better we would change it...that was 6 years ago lol. She got her middle name because my husband's parent's old dog looked like Lic and she constantly would chew on wood stuff. The first time we took her down to my mom's she started chewing on her coffee table. I told my husband we should have named her Abigail Jr. So she became Licorice Abigail. She knows both names. If you call her Licorice she comes running, if you call her Abigail she comes running. And her nickname is Pupsey. In a previous post I mentioned I couldn't have kids, so my doggy is kinda like my kid. I celebrate her birthday (which I almost forgot this year! ) and I buy her Christmas presents. She is super spoiled. My mom even had a shirt that says "Ask Me About My Granddog". Ugh....I gotta go to work now Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!!!
  10. Ok....gonna see if I did this right This is my baby, Licorice Abigail (go ahead and laugh cause I gave my dog a middle name - everyone else does!). I loves her so much!!!
  11. I loved this story!!!!!!!!!! Ha, it made me cry!!!! (but then here lately I am a complete emotional mess for some reason and everything happy OR sad has me in tears!). Thanks so much for sharing this!!! It was great!
  12. My 2 biggest weaknesses in the world = babies and puppies!!!! I absolutely can not resist either one!!! The new grand babies are beyond adorable!!!!!!!!!! Ah, I miss my doggy as a puppy!!!! She was so fuzzy and tiny and cute....now she is a big black fur ball and thinks she is a lap dog (and weighs 70lbs!!!!) I need to share a pic of her. She is really cute. I love people who get their animals from shelters!!! My MIL has had 2 rescue dogs. Her first one only lived for about a year, she had major nerve damage and sadly had to be put down cause she had non-stop seizures. They could have done surgery that would cost thousands of dollars, but it was only a 10% chance of it working. The dog they got after her was 1 day away from being put down cause no one wanted to adopt him. I swear he is the most perfect dog ever. He would never leave their deck at their old house unless he was given permission, he rarely barks (only if there is a need to), he doesn't get on furniture, when on walks he will sit down at the edge of the road until he is told to cross (that freakin' amazed us all). Sadly he is getting really old. He can barely walk, he has no teeth left, so he can only eat canned food or food specially prepared for him. I love this dog so much I almost cry every time I leave their house because I am afraid I will never see him again. My momma's dog is also a rescue...sweetest thing ever!!!!!!! I have a really hard time walking by the dog shelter behind my house though, cause all those doggies are SO cute and look so sad I just wanna adopt them all :/. Kalyn
  13. Awwww...I bet the new grandson is precious!!!!! Congrats!!!! That earthquake sounds scary. We don't really have those in Ohio...there was a tiny when my parents were younger, but nothing major. Dunno if I would want to experience that. The kitty is SO cute and the doggy too. Pets are so special. I would be lost without my puppy dog! Jealous of the new house!!!! Its gonna be gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product. I REALLY do not wanna go to work today. Only suppose to be there 5 hours, but a co-worker is gonna be out sick today and if I get stuck with a long shift (14hrs) I am not gonna be a happy girl. My boss is supposed to be taking a vac. day, but she said she would come in...we will see. If people could freakin' pass drug tests and get a clean background check we wouldn't be in this situation....5 interviews and so far 1 person has passed...Its hard not having enough staff to cover all shifts, lets hope that changes this week.
  14. I am assuming I could get this for my Ipod Touch. I refuse to do anything on BB Curve 8330 because it is a piece of crap and always seems to freeze on me (Hurry up October so I can UPGRADE!!!!) I will have to check this out when I get home from work today.
  15. Gallbladders can screw up so much stuff and make you SO sick!!! Been there and done that when I was 17. They kept telling me I was too young for that to happen to me and I kept getting sicker and it took them year before they would do the surgery! Prayers to all of those with health problems and loved ones with health problems. Congrats to the new parents and grandparents!! New babies are so exciting!!!! I enjoy everyone else's babies because I will probably never have any of my own
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