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    I love to read and will read most anything. I am a HUGE movie freak. I spend a lot of time renting movies and going to the movies. I love spending time with my family, I am super close to my parents and my sister. My husband is my best friend and no matter what we do or where we go we have a blast, without him my world would suck. I love animals, especially my black lab/german shepherd Licorice Abigail (yes she has a middle name, don't laugh at me), who is my baby, I even celebrate her birthday which is April 9th. I looooove to sing karaoke, I suck horribly but my cousin owns a pretty nice system and I have spent many Friday and Saturday nights with a mic in my hand doing duets with my sis thinking we are the greatest thing ever. I also love Gerry Butler!!! lol. I stumbled upon him by accident in the movie Law Abiding Citizen and have been mesmerized since.

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  1. is wondering if her husband is Scotish....since I seem to be obsessed with Scotish men ;)

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