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  1. i found the one at the movie premiere on getty images website. but the other one is probably a paparazzi photo from brazil and we can't post those on here. if you go to getty images you can find gerry at the extraordinary measure premiere and he is taking a photo with two other guys and the one that i was curious about is the one with the apple in his hand.
  2. i found another picture of the guy. at getty images, the guy went with gerry to the extraordinary measures premiere, he has an apple in his hand.
  3. there is a picture of gerry standing on a balcany with his manager alan and the goatee guy in brazil. they are taking pictures with their cameras. i will try and post a picture of them if i can.
  4. I love Gerry, but, who is the guy that is pretty much everywhere with him? The one with the goatee. He was in Brazil, at a movie premiere, and some other photos at different locations. Does anyone know who he is?
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