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  1. Hey everyone. Could someone please add gblover1- Caroline
  2. Hey Everyone, I am going to try to come this year (now that I am FINALLY old enough) but it does depend on a few things. But hopefully and will if I can go register as soon as I can.
  3. Sorry I forgot to register at first. I want to register though
  4. I wish I could go this year (because lets face it, looking at the picture it seems like its themed). (I know that POTO is my favorite also bc I finally had to get a new POTO disk because it was so scratched up and I couldn't stand it skipping constantly). I'm definitely going to try to come next year but this year I can't come bc I'm not 21 yet . Oh well I'll still be at the virtual con. not to mention that I'm going to try my hardest to go to vegas next year.
  5. hey everyone sorry I have been really busy with college. I hope everyone is doing great! I can't remember how the virtual convention works with the items. Do we bid on those as well since they are separate than the items that you can bid on and win at the actual convention? Sorry I hope that question makes since and I'm not just wasting space on this topic.
  6. Sadie do you have a profile on Facebook?

  7. when is the convention again? I want to see if I will be 21 by the time of the convention so I know if I can go.
  8. Is Gerry fully recovered yet? I would hate it if Gerry was still in the hospital. I can't believe that this happened but at the same time it seems that surfing would be difficult anyways but I hope that he will be able to fully recover.
  9. Hey I love your Phantom series. I'm on the second book right now and love the series.

  10. is so happy to finally be back on the site. Been so busy with school.

  11. Oh man. He was doing so well not smoking. Stephanie's right it's his choice. Gerry can do whatever he wants and I'll still be a fan of his no matter what.
  12. Now I really want to see this. Its of course an amazing cast but anything Gerry is in I'm watching no matter what. Anyone know if its on netflix?
  13. How do you make these ringtones?
  14. I agree, lol. He is creepy. I'm glad to see Gerry on the list, but of course as all of you I think he should be numbero uno. I don't even know half of those guys on that list. I've heard of Brad Pitt and George Clooney (who hasn't.) I've also heard of Bradley Cooper; Robert Pattinson; James Franco; Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pine, but all the other ones never even heard of. I totally agree and think that he should be number 1. I mean really he's totally hot
  15. Gerry is so amazing. I would really like to meet him sometime in my life although I'll probably have to travel to California or Scotland or be an extra in a movie to meet him. Gerry seems so sweet and down to Earth unlike some other celebrities.
  16. Happy Belated Valentine's Day Gerry! Your an awesome actor.
  17. That is totally something Gerry would do but its awesome.
  18. An actress that works with Gerry on a movie or one of Gerry's best friends
  19. Makes me feel better that I at least saw pictures of him
  20. are they showing the award show on here tonight as well?
  21. Thats so lame that they kept showing John Legend while Gerry was on. Gerry should have been able to be in the spotlight.
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