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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had no idea about the ranking system. I wondered why I was called Archie's Ocean Gal etc ,,, Now I know. Thanks.
  2. Hi Gerry, Just wanted to wish you all the best for a great birthday. Really enjoyed Chasing Mavericks and Olympus Has Fallen; my favourite is still Dear Frankie. Have a lovely day and take care.
  3. still trying to keep warm

  4. Hi Tonya,

    My mum Pat, and I have been fans of Gerry's for some years now. We have tried to contact Gerry, sending birthday cards and letters for 3 years. However, we have never had a reply. Does he ever respond to his fan mail personally? I would love to hear back from him?


    Leigh Haggar

  5. You might want to check out 'Lorraine' . This is the show immediately after Daybreak. Gerry has been interviewed by Lorraine Kelly, on her show, in the past - remember the interview about Coriolanus? Plus, he was on with Ross King, a couple of weeks back, having a soccer kickabout in the US. Lorraine's show features celebrity guests; maybe Gerry will be on this show. Here is the link to Lorraine Kelly's show: http://www.itv.com/lorraine/ Regards, Leigh
  6. I love it when he goes to her apartment - dragging his feet on the carpet and sitting on the bed eating the tortillas and then wiping his face on the pillow. LOL
  7. Just wanted to send you my best wishes at this difficult time. You mean a great deal to your fans and we think the world of you. Lots of love , Leigh
  8. I did the same - only I was at home, watching the DVD.
  9. I thought he was good in Reign Of Fire - but that is just my opinion.
  10. Amen to that, Sofietje. I have seen so many interviews with Gerry and it's always the same old questions ... Gerry must get so fed up with this. I would love to see him on 'Inside The Actor's Studio'. In my opinion, I think that James Lipton is one of the best interviewers around. I recommend watching 'Inside The Actor's Studio'; they have fantastic guests - you might find it on Youtube.
  11. I have the VHS. I have tried, in vain, to track down the DVD. No luck so far.
  12. Love the video siggie.

  13. Thanks, I love the cheeky look on his face.

  14. Thanks, FluffyCloud.

    I was actually reading your blog last night - interesting.



  15. I enjoyed The Bounty Hunter too. Who cares what critics say? It's only one person's opinion.
  16. It was only because I was in our local supermarket and browsing the magazine section that I saw the August issue and the article. I had no idea that anything on Coriolanus would be available yet - but I had to get it and let you guys know. Love, Leigh
  17. I can see the video, but there is no sound.
  18. Does this mean that I am now registered?
  19. Well, I have just submitted my entry. I had trouble finding one under 3 minutes, though. I mean, c'mon, how can you cram Gerry into JUST 3 MINUTES?
  20. Hi GALS, I have the UK DVD of Game Of Their Lives. Am I right in thinking that there are extras on the US DVD (AKA Miracle Match) that do not appear on the UK DVD? When I play the DVD, there is no option to choose for extras, such as interviews or trailers, but I noticed that Gerry did at least one 'behind the scenes' interview about this film, because I have seen stills taken from an interview. Are there any interviews available? I have tried searching Youtube, but I have found nothing.
  21. I got the "gore" part but why Kensington? I stayed in that area when I was in London! Was that where Jack the Ripper hung out? Thanks, Delene Delene, I have included a link to some info on Kensington Gore from Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia....Kensington_Gore Jack The Ripper was in the Whitechapel area - the Eastend of London Hope this helps to clarify things. Love, Leigh
  22. Barb, thanks for the mention about the Sunday Times images. Anything I can help with, just ask. Delene, over here in the UK, they call it Kensington Gore. But I don't know if that still exists. Kind regards, Leigh
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