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  1. Hi Gerry, I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas; this year has certainly been an eventful one for you. I wish you all the very best for 2013 (Happy Hogmanay, too). I look forward to seeing your latest films - we have a brand new cinema nearby, so maybe I shall make "Playing For Keeps" my first visit. I hope that you got our birthday card. Take care and all the best.

  2. You might want to check out 'Lorraine' . This is the show immediately after Daybreak. Gerry has been interviewed by Lorraine Kelly, on her show, in the past - remember the interview about Coriolanus? Plus, he was on with Ross King, a couple of weeks back, having a soccer kickabout in the US.

    Lorraine's show features celebrity guests; maybe Gerry will be on this show.

    Here is the link to Lorraine Kelly's show: http://www.itv.com/lorraine/



  3. I will watch it on 6th since I'm in Europe. I will post hjow it was so you know when it aires. I have already loads of Graham Norton shows and it will lots of fun. Graham really makes a funny show. I just hope he doesn't ask the same question as all th others: "So you trained to be a lawyer and how did you became an actor". I have heard this one in every Gerry interview since 2005. Journalists don't really have a lot of imagination regarding questions. They should ask us for the questions, I think that we have some original ones :goodjob:

    Amen to that, Sofietje. I have seen so many interviews with Gerry and it's always the same old questions ... Gerry must get so fed up with this. I would love to see him on 'Inside The Actor's Studio'. In my opinion, I think that James Lipton is one of the best interviewers around. I recommend watching 'Inside The Actor's Studio'; they have fantastic guests - you might find it on Youtube.
  4. I really like Bounty Hunter. I have watched it several times. I do believe it shows better on the DVD than on the big screen at the theater. Seemed like at the theater, there was so much going on, it was hard to follow the storyline. I like the movie a lot.


    I enjoyed The Bounty Hunter too. Who cares what critics say? It's only one person's opinion.

  5. Hi GALS,

    I have the UK DVD of Game Of Their Lives. Am I right in thinking that there are extras on the US DVD (AKA Miracle Match) that do not appear on the UK DVD? When I play the DVD, there is no option to choose for extras, such as interviews or trailers, but I noticed that Gerry did at least one 'behind the scenes' interview about this film, because I have seen stills taken from an interview. Are there any interviews available? I have tried searching Youtube, but I have found nothing.

  6. If I wish to create a siggie using pre-existing song lyrics, is that OK providing I give credit to the originator of the lyrics?



    Welcome, Leigh!! Actually, a few siggy makers use song lyrics. Here's one I did a while back:

    Posted Image

    It's great having you aboard!!


    I have created this new siggie for now, I am going to be working on the song lyrics one later.

  7. Barb, thanks for the mention about the Sunday Times images. Anything I can help with, just ask.

    Delene, over here in the UK, they call it Kensington Gore. But I don't know if that still exists.

    Kind regards,


    I got the "gore" part but why Kensington? I stayed in that area when I was in London! Was that where Jack the Ripper hung out? :wave:



    Delene, I have included a link to some info on Kensington Gore from Wikipedia.


    Jack The Ripper was in the Whitechapel area - the Eastend of London

    Hope this helps to clarify things.



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