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  1. I could just see myself.. "You were by yourself? I'm sorry to hear that, Gerry. You should have called me, because I would have been more than happy to give you a hand with that." :spontaneous: I am so with you on that. I would have lost all control of my thoughts and just blurted out the 1st thing that came to my mind. "oh you were by yourself, well i'll be happy to join you, no my husband wont mind im sure" lmao
  2. Hey polarbear Thanks for sharing your story. What i wouldnt give to be in your shoes right now lol. I agree with what a PP said, can you imagine getting paid to have Gerry at your house? ok the naughty things that are going through my head right now.... ok im a good girl and must remember that i am married lol. But anyways, congrats on getting to work with Gerry and
  3. I've actually had dreams at night that seems so really about Gerry that when i wake up and realize i was dreaming its like please let me go back to sleep and finish that dream. When i read your story it brought back that feeling of am i dreaming or is this real? I dont know how 1 man can make so many women swoon but he does. He is the sexiest man on earth ...well next to my hubby of course. I am so glad you got to meet him and i hope i get the chance to someday. Of course i have to agree with some of the other ladies. if i didnt have my hubby or someone i knew with me .
  4. Wouldnt we all *sigh*Of course if i ever met him i would probably be and id probably have a
  5. I swear this may sound mean but if i could leave my husband for that man i would lol
  6. I just watched it tonight and omg POTO is AWSOME!!!! i love the part where he is singing music of the night. he looks so sexy. the things i would do to that man lol
  7. My cat that i have had since she was a kitten died today. My husband found her under the bed. She must have died just before we woke up because rigo hadnt even set in yet. So please if you could everyone say some prayers for my cat. Her name was powder. She was 9 years old.
  8. This is me and my hubby on our wedding day. My hubby is in the airforce hince the blues
  9. You know there is a song by bryan adams called thought i'd died and gone to heaven that i happened to be listening to when i was reading this lol. I swear if i ever met that man My hubby better not be anywhere near me lol.
  10. I'll be 25 in october.
  11. My bday is October 19th and my oldest sons birthday is November 13th
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