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  1. *slides into support center* *looks around* oh good...evil boss isn't watching me Sorry there's so many grumpy gals today (((oo))) HUGS!! Hope things get better! Thanks for all the yummy pics of Gerry...especially the hand pics and the :tasty: Marek :tasty: pics!! okay...back to work *slides out*
  2. Good Morning Gals!! The last few days have been really crappy for me...my daughter got in trouble at school and dh is being a big jerk about anything and everything lately grrrrr I need to grab :mopboymarek: and snuggle up for awhile...oh dang...I'm at work...can't be doing that... Did I hear someone around here is shampooing carpets?? Can I be next...my carpets need it bad!!! :bootyshake: Hope you all have a wonderful Day!!!
  3. ooooo...Kimbo Thanks for all the yummy Marek pics... You know I can't resist him :inlove: :mopboymarek:
  4. WooHoo!!! The chunuzzlle is back :inlove:
  5. OMG I totally missed this place....and we're running so fast now.... Hope you're all having a Wonderful St. Patty's Day
  6. Caught ya Dawn....and you thought no one was looking
  7. That's a lovely wish Susan....I like it a lot. Hey...this is my 500th post
  8. Morning Everyone! I'm nursing a sore throat today...hope it doesn't turn into anything worse. I'm at work and the boss isn't here so I get to play for awhile. Love the new rating system...too bad I didn't get to be a kissing gal tho... Kimbo- so sorry about your friends daughter. That must be so hard. Suz - I love the dollhouse...my mom makes those also. Hope your girls are feeling better. Perrin - hope your headache is better today... Have a great day!!!! :headspin: :bootyshake:
  9. Nope...San Diego is NOT warmer now It's been freezing with hail and a little snow even...then warm the next minute crazy
  10. So Glad we made it!! Thanks for the update Em! Jenn
  11. Thanks Perrin! I forsee the unfortunate Cassandra being locked in an asylum after slowing going insane :bootyshake: Jenn
  12. I said A sex slave...not your sex slave lol Guess I could have worded that better Jenn
  13. Happy Sunday GALS!!! Hope everyone is doing well today! I went to an irish music festival at Hennessey's today and I got to meet Susan! Finally I got to meet a GAL in person!! :dance3: Susan it was great meeting you today!!! :headspin: Suz - I'm so sorry, take care of yourself... Kimbo - Glad you could make it to chat last night...don't work too hard Bethy - Thanks for making me the King's sex slave (better Bethy?????) Wind - I left a new word for you.... KTO and SnogDog - Nice to meet you.... Swan - I loved your song back to the laundry now...... Jenn :mopboymarek:
  14. Thanks for the pics Stef!! :dance3: :headspin: :dance3: Dancing thru the Support Center... I'm Gerracula's Bad Gal :Draculababy: :mopboydracula: Jenn
  15. Good morning!! It's raining here...sucks I WANT TO SEE B&G..... Who's up for a road trip to Canada with me?? I would do just about anything to get it in the theatre here...short of streaking...that would just scare people Stef....great pics :tasty: Thanks! Abrock - glad you're feeling better Wind...where are ya girl...I never see you anymore Swan - sorry about the migraine....feel better soon... Have a great day everyone....tonight is my Bunco nite!!! Jenn :mopboymarek:
  16. Very Nice drawings!!! Jenn
  17. Good Morning Gals!! Hope you're all having a great day! Does anyone want Girl Scout cookies?? I have about 40 cases in my living room right now :headspin: Suz - You are a great Mom!! My dh says stuff like that to me too GRRRRRR :chairhit: Kimbo - Hope you're having a better day with the boss from H*ll Abrock - Good luck with the surgery! Speedy recovery Wind.....I'm still waiting for my word Back to work now...Tomorrow I'm off....Yeah...no work...no evil boss :bootyshake: Jenn
  18. wooowhooo!!! I'm a Vanilla Gal now!!! Hope you're all having a great day! Jenn
  19. Just send some money thru Paypal. Hope it helps! Jenn
  20. No way Jes....I won't take one lol.. Now I know where you got the word Naproxen from LOL Take it easy :inlove: Jenn
  21. Good Morning GALS!! Here I sit in my office trying to avoid working.... Susan - Get some sleep hun... Lish - cool on the London cast recording...I've never heard it.... Kimbo - take care DB... (((((oo))))) Suz - so sorry about your kitty...hope you give the vet a piece of your mind!! Perrin & Wind - had a great time in chat last night!! oooo...boss is back...talk to you all later :mopboymarek: Jenn
  22. HEY GALS!! Just wanted to share the COOL new siggy that Bethy made me....isn't it great!! :inlove: Kimbo....did ya get my pm? Sorry your boss is being so mean.... hope things get better. You can always move here!!! Night everyone!! Jenn
  23. :headspin: :inlove: Thanks Perrin!!!
  24. THUD!! :inlove: Thanks for finding these Swan!! Jenn
  25. Happy Sunday Everyone!! I'm finally back from my oh-so-interesting camping weekend with the kids. It was FREEZING there!!! Hope to catch up with all the posts soon. :mopboymarek: Jenn
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