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  1. ooooo....that sounds great Susan!! I'd love to go to that!! Jenn
  2. Perrin.............. :headspin: What a great pic...thanks for finding it for us. Kimbo....I hope you aren't having too much trouble moving. Star...Congrats on the job Susan...I hope you had a wonderful birthday Nite all... Jenn :mopboymarek:
  3. Good job on the interview Star. Hope it works out for you. Jenn WooHoo....I'm Attilas Slave Gal now
  4. NOOOOO!!!!!!! :cry: :depressed: Tell me it's not true............... Jenn
  5. Of Course she can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Already checked......bleacher seats gone! boooo hooooo I am never gonna be able to meet Gerry..................boooooo hoooo :depressed: :cry: :alone: I'd be happy just watching him walk the red carpet past me! boo hoo...no more bleacher seats....if only we'd known sooner ....hafta go set that DVR right now!!! Woohoo...can't wait :tasty: Jenn
  6. Oh No Wind....Dog food and now chocolate.... Big Hugs Wind!!!!! Jenn
  7. Love that last one Wind. They are all great. Jenn
  8. YES! We do need to get together soon. I am unable to see POTO in May :depressed: My daughter's birthday is the next day and she has decided to have a slumber party that night. I just can't leave my dh in charge of eight 10 year old girls. It would probably be the end of him :: But I am going to Vegas...if we don't meet before that. Jenn
  9. I'm in the same boat Susan. I really want to see Brokeback, but can't find anyone to go with me :depressed: Jenn
  10. :boobsquishhug: I want to meet some GALS! Your lunch sounds fun Em, Toni & Chris!!! I finally made to to A Yellow Towel Gal I'm gonna hide my eyes now....too many streakers :headspin: Jenn
  11. Good Morning Gals! Hope you are all having a wonderful morning. I think it stopped raining here. And my cold is much better today. Had fun in chat with you gals last night. Candy - Glad you could make it to chat. It was nice to meet you. Wind - I hope you're feeling better today. Kimbo my DB - Drink your water!!! :headspin: Have a gerat day everyone!!! :mopboyerik: Jenn
  12. Here's my beautiful trading card that Bethy made for me.... I loved Lauren Bacall in all those old Bogart films. Thanks Bethy!!! Jenn
  13. Good Afternoon Gals! Sorry i wasn't in chat very long last night, but this head cold is getting the best of me. I love all of your dates with Gerry. I must think awhile on what mine would be. This morning I took my CPR training so I can officially take care of anyone who over does things in VEGAS Kimbo - Drink Your Water Talk to you all later Jenn
  14. Morning Gals!! Delicious Beowulf pictures Beach...got my morning off to a great start. Swan - i hope your son is doing better today Kimbo - How's my diet buddy doing today :headspin: Hope you all have a great day!!! Jenn
  15. I'm so sorry to hear this Swan. I hope he is better soon. I will keep him in my prayers. Jenn
  16. That's a beautiful poem Susan. Quite lovely. I wish I could write like that. Jenn
  17. Happy Gerrytines day Gals! Lovely pictures Lish. For gerrytines day I want the Stranger...all wrapped up in a leather jacket mmmmm..... Jenn
  18. I have to pick :mopboymarek: although.. does intrigue me Jenn
  19. Good morning everyone! Glad to see you still alive this morning Perrin...at least so far lol jenn
  20. yeah...I was thinking that too lol I don't think I'd be able to call him anything...open my mouth and NUTHIN would come out Jenn
  21. Hi Ya Gals! Thanks for chatting with me last night. Had a great time. Hope ya'll are having a wonderful day! Jenn :mopboymarek:
  22. jenn

    be kind

    That was beautiful Rebecca. Thanks for sharing it. Jenn
  23. Ummmm...Spin the Bottle?? Is that considered a game :: :mopboymarek: Jenn
  24. Hi! Can I be Marek's Cal Gal?? Thanks! Jenn
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