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  1. SIX days left to enter the contests! Send those Gcards and top ten lists in to me NOW LOL Hugs, Jenn
  2. Right Tracy! Got it. And no Prob Ginny... I'll fix it! Hugs everyone! Great entries so far!! Jenn
  3. Psssst Irish... I'll accept a "redo" if you'd like to submit a different entry *wink*
  4. I did get it Ginny! Thanks!
  5. Yes, after the contest other cards can be submitted for the gallery. Thanks Beachie!
  6. Fran, If you wait until the end of the contest, I will have it added to the gallery with the contest entries. Thanks! Jenn
  7. Sorry for the delay in answering this. I wanted to get the official word from our wonder web woman Stef. She says G-cards should not be animated. The Gallery doesn't host animated images as they often take longer to load and their file sizes are larger. Hugs, Jenn
  8. http://movies.ign.com/ Gerard Butler Q&A Scottish star discusses RocknRolla. by Chris Tilly, IGN UKUK, September 4, 2008 - 300 star Gerard Butler plays a loveable low-level gangster in Guy Ritchie's new comedy caper RocknRolla. IGN caught up with him this week to discuss the making of the movie. IGN: How do you plan your career as you seemed to have played a remarkably varied set of roles in the last year? Gerard Butler: There's a certain element of wanting to keep it different, and there's also a certain element of opportunities presenting themselves, but I think more than anything its just fear of boredom. I'm fortunate enough that though I'm not the best actor in the world, I have a wide range - there's lots of stuff I can do. IGN: What was it that opened the door for you? Gerard Butler: To be honest I never know what 'opened the door' means because since 2000 when I went to America the doors have been opening, just at different levels. I know since then I've been jumping up divisions, going from division three to division two, and so each movie helped me, but I would say obviously that 300 was the one that made the biggest difference, though weirdly enough it didn't just help me in those kind of films, but after that the quality of offers increased - black comedy or romantic comedy or thriller - all kinds of things. IGN: Was there much improvisation on RocknRolla Gerard Butler: There's not enough improvising in it to say it was an improvised film. There's a little bit of it in terms of dialogue but that's not to say we still didn't have a lot of leeway in terms of how we presented things and how we do things. Guy wrote the script but my character could have worked out different to how it was on the page. I think I was more vulnerable, more insecure, more of a f**k-up than he was in the script. I think in the script he was more heroic, just a little more foolproof, and I pushed him towards being more like a child - not quite as accomplished as he thought he was! IGN: Did you have John Travolta in Pulp Fiction in the back of your mind for that dance sequence? Gerard Butler: Not at all, not at all. I think theirs was way more cool than ours. Ours was so ridiculous, in fact interestingly enough that scene I think, not to overstate the importance of that dance, it's just a funny moment in a movie, but to me it kind of defines in some ways the differences between British films and American films. Because even though their moment was kind of cool and crazy, there was still a kind of a smoothness to it, whereas ours is just downright stupid and so uncool and so messy, it doesn't quite make sense. It's like the difference between the British Office and the American Office. IGN: Are you glad you're at the front on the poster? Gerard Butler: It's the sort of thing where I saw it and thought 'oh that's cool.' I never asked to be on front of the poster. It's nice to be there but maybe a little strange - there will be a day when Tony Kebbell's up there and I'll be in the background - it won't be too long the way he's going. There's been many a poster that I've been in the background, so now I'm up front, f**k 'em! [Laughs]. No, but honestly I don't really focus on that sort of thing, I think it's a form of ego. I found that since I've started doing well I don't think about it too much - it's best not to even consciously think about stuff. Most actors, I mean even me looking at another actor, I've probably spent more time considering their position than they have; they're too busy being who they are. IGN: What was your favourite bit of the film? The chase scene seems to be pretty popular... Gerard Butler: I find it very funny, actually Guy said to me yesterday that a lot of people's favourite part of the film is that chase sequence, and he said strangely enough it's the sequence without any dialogue! It was a comment on my performance, the rest of the cast's performance... the bit that's the best is literally just some f**ker running from another f**ker. But for me I love the dance and I love the gay sequence as well. There are a lot of funny bits in this; I don't think I've ever been lucky enough to have so many funny bits in a movie. Usually if I see something comical I normally don't laugh, if there are other people laughing normally I'm not. But with this I was laughing. IGN: Would you come back onboard for the proposed RocknRolla 2? Gerard Butler: Yeah, I mean I would need to see the script so it's hard to say until I see something, but the idea is appealing because this was not the hardest job in the world for me, but it was challenging enough to keep me interested, and it was fun. I've had fun in all my films, but some of them needed more emotion and were just draining and necessarily draining because you go into some dark places, whereas this was just a blast, it really was as entertaining to make as I think it is to watch. RocknRolla is released in the UK on Friday.
  9. Only one per contest per person. Sorry. The category is up to you. Hugs, Jenn
  10. The majority of the gcards in the gallery are 400x400, so we'll go with that for the contest. Hugs, Jenn
  11. That's correct NanLynn! Or it doesn't have to be birthday. We have other categories in the Gcards as well! Hugs, Jenn
  12. YES! This contest has officially started! I would use the existing g-cards in the gallery as a guideline for size, etc. Hugs, Jenn
  13. Attention all GALS! We will be holding a series of Creative Contests over the next few months, in preparation for Gerry's Birthday Celebration! The first two contests will run for the next 3 weeks. Enter one or both contests!! First contest will be new cards for our 'GCards' gallery. Click here for existing cards Second contest will be a top-10 list ~ a written list, top 10 things about being a GB Fan (humorous or serious) Only ONE entry per member for each contest please. Please PM your entries to me (Jenn). Entries CANNOT contain: Anything beyond PG-13 All submissions MUST be received by Friday , September 19, 2008 @ 12 Noon (Pacific Time) 1st place winners will receive a matted Gerry pic and a custom winner's graphic. 2nd and 3rd places prizes will be awarded. After the deadline the entries will be posted online for our registered members to vote on the winner! Any questions? PM Jenn GOOD LUCK!!!!
  14. Thanks for the review Moira! Glad you got to see it and enjoyed it so much!! Hugs, Jenn
  15. CONGRATS Moira! I can't wait to hear all about it! Hugs, Jenn
  16. Wow! Thanks Lisa! Is it wrong to wish I was that rope??
  17. First off... let me say that ALL the entries were beautiful. Wonderful job Gals! And here we go..... *drumroll* FIRST PLACE, a PSILY prize package and a "winner graphic" goes to...... Nanlynn!!! SECOND PLACE and a 2008 convention goodie bag goes to...... Givemeabeach!!! THIRD PLACE and a Gerry bookmark/keychain goes to...... Zanyzombie Congratulations to the winners and all the entrants!!!
  18. First off... let me say that ALL the entries were beautiful. Wonderful job Gals! And here we go..... *drumroll* FIRST PLACE, a PSILY prize package and a "winner graphic" goes to...... Redroseblackribbon!!! SECOND PLACE and a 2008 convention goodie bag goes to...... 57th Brigade!!! THIRD PLACE and a Gerry bookmark/keychain goes to...... Lorie McKinney Congratulations to the winners and all the entrants!!! 1. Redroseblackribbon Welcome to GALS.... My favorite place to be.... Touching people's lives... For years numbered three. It's not just GALS birthday that we celebrate you see.... Because every day, I'm shown by GALS, How to celebrate me. The moment that Gerry entered my life, gracing the television screen.... With one swoosh of his cape and a masked backward glance..... My life was changed forever.... My heart never stood a chance. His characters stole my heart.... But the real Gerry captured my soul.... Which lead me to this place.... Where I've been blessed ten fold. Gerry knows we stand by him with hope, love, and devotion.... The same things we share with each other.... Every feeling, every emotion. We come here for friendship, support, and strength... We stand beside one another to fight the good fight to any length.... Our love for Gerry gathers us here every day... Envisionment, encouragement, empowerment.... That's why we come back, that's why we stay. Welcome to GALS... My favorite place to be.... Touching people's lives.... For years now numbered three. 2. 57th Brigade A GALS Daughter - written to commemorate the 3rd birthday of the site Congratulations GALS, your website is three, But let me just tell you what it's done to me! I'll let you in on a fact only known to some That I am a girl living with a GAL as a Mom! She used to like John Hannah, but that didn't last long And then Gerry Butler came along... Her favorite is Phantom, Andre Marek too, And Drac, Jack, and Leo, to name a few. Thanks to her obsession I know them by heart And can tell the movie where he plays each part! Wait now, I'll remember what things I can And I'll let you know this all began... It all started when Grandma took Mom to see A presentation of show-tunes, if you will, a medley. One of the songs from "Phantom" came on She let the music absorb her and then she was gone! Home she came and to Netflix she went And soon enough the POTO DVD was sent. As soon as she watched and saw Gerry act There was nothing I could do to bring her back! She watched over and over, how gorgeous he looked, Absorbed by his hotness, what can I say? She was hooked! "Gerard Butler" she read as the credits rolled And the next move she made, for her, was quite bold. To the computer she went and typed in the name Hoping to find other who felt the same. Soon she came across a new fansite called GALS And after some time she even made some new pals! It was a bit weird at first, I have to admit But eventually I learned to just live with it. Just before Gerry came along you see The only family member with an obsession was me! But it's normal for me, a simple teen To get crushes on characters from movies I've seen! From John to Gerry, guess it's just a thing for Scots At least that's what I got when I connected the dots... But never mind that, it's all cool in life It's not her obsession causes a strife. On the site she posted and anxiously awaited replies while looking at pictures and marveling at Gerry's....ummmm..."size." The first event she went to she let me tag along We drove to LA singing each POTO song. A midnight show awaited next night And my mother marveled at the spectacular sight. Seeing Gerry that big, she rejoiced *Fangirl scream!* 'Twas like being inside a truly wonderful dream! Her next trip to SF she took alone I wasn't so lucky and was left at home. Yes, it was I she didn't take So she could watch 'Wulf slay monsters at the bottom of a lake. More adventures came as she made more friends "Smoke Tiki" birthdays and fun without end. Next came Wonder*Con where I longed to go But I had a speech tournie then...so no. Zack Snyder and Gerry in person she saw As they promoted a film where the action was raw! Speaking of which, on opening night I was able to join her and watch sexy men fight. And after all that she couldn't possibly wait, So for Vegas '07 she set the date! Upon her arrival she met GALS galore Overjoyed to meet others who obsess and adore. Friends, slots, and shows, topped off with Greek Ball Was surely enjoyed by GALS one and all! Soon later I got to again join the fun When Mom and I planned a party for Spartans who lost...but won. She went LA again, this time I missed out When she went without me, yes, I did pout! But I was a senior, school had to be completed And unfortunately my Grad Party with this years Vegas competed. I wanted her to go! Really! No Lie! Instead she gave me a look and heaved a sigh And then decided to stay behind For my Luau-themed party we both designed. After it was over she said it was fine, "But I wanted you to go!" I continued to whine So she took me upstairs and I was filled with cheer When she showed me her new fund for Vegas next year! She faces opposition from Grandma and Aunt Who cross their arms and begin to rant That she is committing a sin, it's called "lust" I roll my eyes, whatever, they're just being a bust. I support the obsession, really, I'm glad Once you get used to it, it isn't so bad. My best friend even calls after an earthquake to say to my Mom "Is the Gerard Butler Collection Okay?" See, our guest-room is plastered with pictures of Gerry In his gold Leo garb and really...not hairy. Over time I've learned phrases like "Thighs of Glory" and GB movies annoy my sisters, but they won't bore me! So now by this time you've been reading a while And I was going to end this with panache and style But instead I'm going with an ending quite sappy Just telling you all how you've made my Mom happy! She really loves all you GALS and I thank you for that ...although she does mention Gerry at the drop of a hat. So to conclude, Happy Birthday, There'll be more to come As long as Gerry lives...and then some! My Mom is a fangirl, great to see her this way So thanks for reading, I think I've covered all I'm going to say! -Oh, Wait! One more thing, let you know That over the years I will continue to grow I hope to join Mom on adventures abound So GALS let me tell you...I'll see you around!!! 3. Lorie McKinney (inspired by King Leonidas) Temptation In the oceans of your eyes I drown. In need of the breath that is you. Falling into your depths, surrounded by the waves of your caress. The sands of time whisper your name softly across my skin. I stand naked before you, Yearning for what can never be. You are my temptation from which I cannot escape.
  19. Voting is now closed for this contest. Thanks to everyone who participated. The results will be posted by this evening. Hugs, Jenn
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