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  1. She is identified in various sources as Belinda Albrecht, but no industry/profession listing i found their pictures on www.zimbio.com but it didn't say who she actually was-very lucky lady to get that close to him!
  2. he did look so yummy in that tux-does anyone know who the very lucky blonde lady is in the pictures with him? pisces1962
  3. i dont know if this is the right place to post this but he does seem to get shut out-i was watching the "Critic's Choice" awards last night and really felt like it was a shame that "MGP" didn't get any recognition at all. i haven't had the opportunity to see it yet but i know it was worthy of it he was SO adorable on Leno last night-so glad he got the chance to tell the "Mav hold down" story in his own words!! pisces1962
  4. that was the best article i've seen-he just needs to surf in the kiddie pool from now on!!!! thank God he is ok- hope every one has a Very Merry Christmas!! pisces1962
  5. i saw Bradley Coopers' picture on that cover and could not believe Gerry's picture was not there!!! they have no taste AT ALL!!! pisces1962
  6. of course he should be the #1 Scotsman-no question. i don't think i'm allowed to start a new topic-but i just saw on a website called www.thefablife.com where they have a March celebrity madness poll with Gerry, colin firth, robert pattinson & alex pettyfer ?? that i didn't recognize-it was for "who's your most boneworthy brit?" i have voted 3x & of course Gerry is wayyyy ahead!!!! please edit this if that's not appropriate to post-you can still go there & vote!! love pisces1962
  7. i love seeing all these new pics of Gerry but am i wrong in thinking it's probably not a good idea for a photographer to be able to get such a good picture of his passport??? any closer and you could read it!!! isn't there alot of privileged info in those? i don't have one so i wasn't sure-hope this isn't an inappropriate thing to post! love pisces1962
  8. he certainly causes the hormones to run amok, doesn't he??!! totally gorgeous! makes me wish i WAS some sunscreen!!!! pisces1962
  9. it's nice to see him in such a prestigious project-and not one plagued by all the "did they or didn't they??" innuendo-so boring!!! he looks so gorgeous in that military green!!! pisces1962
  10. thank you for putting my mind at ease!! i figured he was fine but i'm a worrywart!!! pisces1962
  11. I'm a Pisces also. Good to meet you.


  12. please tell me he is nowhere near all the flooding?!!! has he already left? i just read online that over 120 people were killed north of Rio de Janiero- pisces1962
  13. harvey's thought process is bizarre that's for sure-i don't understand the "magic board" either!! wonder how many TMZ employees it takes to pronounce Uruguay correctly?! they were struggling!!! pisces1962
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