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    Internet, RTS (real time strategy) PC games such as Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, and reading (Harry Potter, David Eddings, LE Modessitt, Robert Jordan, Peirs Anthony and others), listening to music (mainly Rush, my favorite band), Disturbed, Yes, Pink Floyd, U2, Queensryche, The Cars, Talking Heads, REM, Live, Stabbing Westward, INXS, many more!

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  1. Well gals this is it--quite possibly my last day online for awhile!! *Cries like kid* I'm gonna miss ya'lll sooooo much!! I am already looking into internet for where we'll be living--looking at it online in another window in fact!! WIsh us luck with that so I can hurry back!
  2. Yes Lish the 225 # is the one to use, my cell phone and that isn't going to change! I bet my new home # will be different but I am not sure what it will be yet but cell is easiest to get in touch with me! I start my new job in exactly 7 days...nervous a little! But only a little!
  3. I completely and totally understand all of the "OMG's" in this post!!! LOL! I was totally freaking out when I first saw the comercial for it on TV too!! Isn't it just gahhhh amazing? I see you Lish! I miss you too already on myspace! Boo HOO!! Tonight I'm going to watch my husband take his 3rd degree brown belt test for karate. Wish him luck!
  4. Hi gals!!!! Love and kisses to all--I have been having computer issues with this site so a lot of the times I can read new replies but not reply. Sad too because I'm about to move and not have Internet access!!! But I shall miss you gals! I cannot cannot cannot--I know I have said this ad infinium but that's OK--ya'll will understand--but here I go again--I cannot cannot cannot wait to see this movie and am so very GLAD we only have a month let to wait!!!! Let the Kinging begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi gals!!! I hope everything is going well in all of your lives and that you are all blessed....dangit this sucks but here goes--Figured I'd post it in the support center. Well, we are moving to a better house and one that is closer to where we (hubby and I) will be working. The bad news is that we won't have any internet access for awhile....we hope to get it soon but worst case scenario is we dont' have it at all till August!!! My but that's a long time to be gone from gals!!!! DOhhhhh! I'm quite sad about this and am sure I'll have "Internet and GALS withdrawals" but I can't help it; we gotta move. So to all of you I shall miss you!!
  6. Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Runs off to find pics. Ain't I just the devil??
  7. Gerry definately deserves the recognition he's gonna get w/ this movie and I do have faith that he wont' change either, that his ego won't take over--after "300" people will be saying "Who is That??" and then they will KNOW!!!...and not forget! :dance:
  8. Howdy gals! I was finally able to log in tonight--I think this site only works after 5Pm lol!! That's gotta be it. Anyway, hope everyone is well, and any gals who are feeling badly get to feeling better. I'm going to be watching American Idol tonight-I find this show so entertaining! Still dreaming of "300"--after reading that Men's Health Magazine article I have even more respect for The G-Man!
  9. Hey there gals! And nice to see you too Lady Trueword, what is your "real" name if I may ask? Lol. Stef the wonder woman may have done something as so far tonight its worked!! Crosses fingers!! Irish--Uh-Ohhh neglected hubby eh? I think anytime I am on here at all in general even if it isn't gals unless hubby is occupied he's gonna feel neglected. Men! Lish--*Waves madly* How are you doing? How is the bambino?
  10. That was a very interesting read!! Poor man eh! But knowing how hard he worked for this makes the movie all that more special to me!! And now, see this: If they had let us gals on the set that would've never happend because we would have rubbed down every sore muscle!!!!
  11. Stef- I use Internet Explorer 7, the new oneHey to you to Jenn and nice to see you too!!
  12. Welcome steff! I thought it was my Norton Antiv-virus causing it...but gbgals is the only site its done that with, all other message boards are working fine!
  13. That makes sense! However--whenever I come on and log back in, I will go to say, look at new posts, or to my blog and it will make me log in again, there will be the page but when I try and post something, the same thing happens. After a few tries like that then it will work. Strange...
  14. Hi gals!!! My first post I think , under the new site renovations...I've been away for awhile, well been blogging in the get healthy section but that's about all. Missed you gals! I have trouble logging on sometimes, or rather, staying logged on. I've no idea why but this site works only sporadically on my computer now. I cannot cannot cannot cannot wait for "300"!!!! I am really psyched about this movie! Yes, sirry I am!!!
  15. That "300" trailer kicks butt doesn't it ladies??? It looks like its going to be so cool!!!
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