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  1. go to my paige and replay me in my comments:)

  2. Hi Angel. No idea how to use this site! Wonder if you'll get this reply...

  3. hi there,how are you?

  4. Hey guys, just thought I'd throw this out there... Check out Sam Childers' book, Another Man's War. This is the basis of MGP. It is fantastic and a quick and easy read, but not so easy on your soul when done!! I heard Sam preach the day I went to his church when Gerard was there (blush, a little ashamed of that now) and I had the incredible luck of running into him at our Starbucks with film crew from the reality series. We chatted for about ten minutes... very little about Gerard... and he is an AMAZING man... I only wish I had my book with me for him to sign... the Lord knows I have stranger things just laying about in my car... Plus I am an English teacher so I'm about the reading angle!! HAHA! Gerard IS beyond fantastic, but you should all definitely check out the story/the man behind this new movie... beyond fantastic as well!!!
  5. Hi Everyone! I met GB in December when he was here in PA meeting up with Pastor Sam... I tried to put the pic of us but I have no idea how to set an avatar???? Oh well.. Anyway, I've been hearing alot about the movie starting to film here in June, Michigan in July... I'm trying VERY hard to figure out what I can... My overt goal was to get him to come visit my classroom and read a little Robert Burns... or if it suits him, September is a good time too when we do Beowulf!! LOL! Unfortunately, I lost my head a little and forgot to ask him... I think I just kept saying, Thank you so much, and Oh my gosh, over and over again. I did tell him however that I was a teacher and my kids were just NOT going to believe this come Monday morning.. he laughed!!! They did go nuts because we talk about Gerry every day in class-- I had told them just days before finding out Gerry would be in PA that I practice what to say to him.... LOL! WEll, that's my GB story and if I can figure out how to insert an image I'll do it! Oh well... this is a pic I use on a school website and it's small (48x48) I don't know to make it bigger... I have it on my computer but it doesn't have a URL. Oh well!!!
  6. Welcome to GALS PA teacher :)

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