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  1. My point exactly, Barb! I was just going to say that I didn't see this poll here at Gals but was thinking I might have missed it; and if the Gals didn't vote for him, maybe members of the other fansites? But then I reconsidered, knowing that not much happens regarding Gerry that is not posted here, so who voted for him in this poll? Anyways, way to go , Gerry! Good article, in spite of its author's mild insinuation! Chris
  2. Gerry looks awesome! Is the hair a tad darker and more evenly colored? It looks great! And what do you make of this pic? http://gbgalsgallery.com/v/partiesetc/Spirit/WI22Spirit022611hg.jpg.html Chris
  3. I've just donated, hope it helps! Chris
  4. I'm sooo loving these pics! I feel so rewarded, after so many months of dry spell when one had to assume everything was in order under every damn tee or shirt or tux or whatever impeded the view! Thank you Gerry, you've made this gal genuinely happy! Chris
  5. Thank you, Joycee, GoldDustWoman and Musik, for your insights on the screening of MGP! Musik, you are saying that this film could be a winner, yet as far as you can tell there are no Oscar worthy performances in it. Could you be more specific, what do you think was lacking in Gerry's performance? I am so hopeful that both Coriolanus and MGP will bring Gerry the recognition he deserves but find your take on the MGP performances a little disheartening. Thanks, Chris
  6. Wow, this was quite unexpected, considering the not-so-good reviews of TBH! I'm thrilled for Gerry, he is in good company indeed! Chris
  7. Delene, your witty posts are delightful! Thank you for making me laugh so heartily!


  8. A nice turn of phrase, Lisa! The extent to which a true Gerry fan would go ... The depths of thought and language that a true Gerry fan would explore ... I totally agree, Gerry meant it as a joke, but we know that she really is a lucky girl!... Chris
  9. This vid is so hot! Gerry's so funny and charming and stunning! There's so much wasted material in here, some frames and angles are even better than the ones in the actual commercial! But hey, it's not completely wasted since we got to see it after all! Thank you, Lisa and Moira! Chris
  10. Delene, you crack me up! I need to get in that line, too! You've nailed it, "rode hard and put away wet!" OMG, can I have him now? Chris
  11. The Uruguay pic doesn't do him justice IMHO. Chris
  12. 1. Gerry Kennedy, my all time favourite movie character, the sexiest, most charming, most romantic guy ever 2. One Two, a funny and lovable no-gooder 3. Leonidas IS the king! 4. The Stranger, a softie in a leather jacket 5. John Tillman (Kable), a sexy killing machine with a heart Thanks for starting the thread! Chris
  13. Yep, it looks like Gerry is getting the recognition he's been longing for in his native country! Never heard Gerry mention Ralston, had to google it and apparently it is to the west of Paisley. Chris
  14. I was afraid that Gerry's time in Scotland would be a dry one in the information department but I am glad to see so many pics and news. Maybe his fellow Scots people have finally warmed up to his charm? He's complained about the Scottish public being the toughest and I've heard people say that he isn't very popular in Scotland but maybe he's finally crossed that bridge. Tense, it's been great to see Gerry with his lovely nieces at the two premieres, thanks for clearing things up and pointing those of us who haven't seen them before in the right direction. Yet another informative thread for which I'm very thankful! You Gals are great at working together as a team! Chris
  15. I'm so excited about this news! Agreed, it's been in talks for ages but maybe this time it's for real! Anyone know if Julia Stiles is still in the cards as Burns' love interest? Chris
  16. Great find, Theresa, thanks! Couldn't make anything of the show or watch the models strut busy trying to spot Gerry in every frame! Gerry looks great! And he seemed to be enjoying himself! Chris
  17. Christine, I'm with you on this! I LOOOOVE clean shaven Gerry and haven't seen him like that in a while, so this is like a breath of fresh air! I'm not saying he should shave, he looks great no matter what, but I also miss seeing his face without any hindrance, which the beard sometimes feels like - well, the scruff not so much. Thank you, Holly, Stuart and Lisa for the video! Chris
  18. Wonderful ad! Gerry is smoking hot and those L'Oreal people are surely good at what they do! Of course, with such raw material as our G, it would be hard to miss! I also think the commercial is a winner! The cap he is wearing at 0:06 looks like the one he was wearing when he met Jared Leto in New York, maybe it was around that time that they filmed that part of the commercial and he got to keep it ! Chris
  19. Gorgeous pics, smokin' hot motorcycle man! Happy Thanksgiving, Gerry, you've made my day! Happy Thanksgiving to all the American Gals and to anyone who may observe this holiday! Chris
  20. I'm late to the party as usual - damned time difference! - but I must say it's been fun watching the event unreel through all your posts! Gorgeous pictures thanks for adding them to the gallery so quickly! This is one gorgeous photo, Lisa - reassuring too cause I've been worried lately about Gerry's seemingly preoccupied and reserved air and the thinning too - but with this it looks like he's back! Love you, Gerry! Chris
  21. Thank you, Holly! I know you'll be on it and get it done if possible! I'll try what you suggested and hopefully get my Gerry fix! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Chris
  22. Dear Mods, please take pity on us, non-American Gals, who can't watch the show live and upload Gerry's time on it to the multimedia additions, will you? Mel, anyone? Thanks in advance! Chris
  23. Here they are! Sorry about the quality, I did my best! http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz12/pairfectbeautyspot/gerry%20pics%20may%202010/12-11-10_1451.jpg http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz12/pairfectbeautyspot/gerry%20pics%20may%202010/12-11-10_1449.jpg I hope they work! Chris
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