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  1. My tickets are booked .... I'm going!! Can't believe that I am going to see Gerry in the flesh!!!!! *does happy dance*
  2. You have no idea how excited I was to read about Gerry's visit to South Africa. When he came here to film MGP I was distraught when he came and went and I didn't manage to catch a glimpse of him. The information was just posted on FB about the fan event taking place on 9th April. I am over the moon, I just hope I manage to get tickets .... wish me luck everyone!! Now that I have that out of my system ... sorry for being so quiet. Work has been so busy and I have had no time for pleasure (ie here). I'm back though ... what have I missed?
  3. I'm back ... been a while, but work has been so busy!

  4. Hi Gerry, Been a while since my last message to you (sounds like the start of a confession haha). Ok I digress already. Just wanted to wish you an AWESOME Valentine's Day and hope that you get to spend it with someone deserving and special. Although there is nothing wrong with spending it with family ... my daughter is my Valentine this year, what more could a mom want? Well .... that is a rhetorical question but let me not digress yet again. Looking forward to your movies coming out this year .... have only heard good things and am specially looking forward to Machine Gun Preacher!
  5. Well I think they list Jay first as he was in effect the main character in the movie? Usually that do that? The fact that Gerry's name was first in the credits was I think, due to him being a big name and a huge draw card. He was one of the reasons I went to see that movie above other animated movies. Well done HTTYD .... AWESOME!!
  6. He seems to be one of the true gentlemen and one who will go out of his way for his fans, regardless of the imposition that it must be on his time and privacy! To me that is amazing! As for ovaries ... hell my whole body experiences warm fuzzies lol
  7. Welcome ... thanks for adding me!

  8. Oh my .... I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I saw those pics!!! I think Hugh and Gerry could play brothers in a movie!! I think they should do a movie together ..... my ovaries would clap so loud no one else would be able to hear the movie lmao
  9. Some more news from sunny South Africa. According to these reports he has not left yet, or am I reading it wrong? (Both these articles were dates 4th October 2010) Source: http://justjared.buz...r-south-africa/ Gerard Butler gets some downtime from shooting his new movie, Machine Gun Preacher, in Magaliesberg and Hartbeespoort, South Africa (he's been there the past few weeks). The 40-year-old Scottish stud will wrap up shooting this week and say goodbye to South Africa this weekend. Machine Gun Preacher, out next September, is about a drug addict turned reverend Sam Childers (Butler).
  10. Shirsan, your concerns are understandable, however Sudan is quite a way from South Africa (and the locations where MGP was reportedly filmed) and we do have border control so it's not that easy for just anyone to get in. I have to laugh (not being horrid here) at some perceptions of South Africa. I am definitely not patriotic however it is really amazing at the comments that come out about South Africa. Yes the press plays a huge part in this in terms of the reporting that comes out of here. The crime is horrific, granted. Unemployment is bad. Please don't get me wrong here I'm not being
  11. More news about him going then him being here lol. Thanks for the update .....
  12. Hey Bonnie .... I'm not sure I understand the 'where they're shooting' part? lol Tomorrow they wrap according to reports .... I wonder where the wrap-party will be .....
  13. Hey Lisa ... no, it isn't the the same article .... they were written almost a month apart and are different articles and sources It's really awesome to get something .... wish there was more! I'm very disappointed with the entertainment journalists in this country. Perhaps that is why there is an increase in the number of films being filmed here as the celebs are not hounded by the press and they can do their 'job' in peace
  14. Finally some news .... http://www.timeslive.co.za/entertainment/article678732.ece/Gerard-Butler-wows-clubbers This article appears in Times Live which is the online version of The Times newspaper available all over South Africa. Gerard Butler wows clubbers Sep 27, 2010 10:34 PM | By Gabisile Ndebele Hollywood actor Gerard Butler was spotted clubbing on Saturday night at upmarket nightclub Latinova, in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Butler, famous for his roles in The Bounty Hunter and Law Abiding Citizen, is reportedly working in this country on his latest film, Machine Gun Preache
  15. Hi all for your input .... well unfortunately I did not go last night, don't have my map book - it's in my car that is being repaired ... am going to follow that twitter page today and see if there is anything new! WOW a Khulula flight hey ... that's quite interesting .... yes I heard he was in Cape Town, dam I'm jealous - not even I have been in Cape Town. So my plan is that I have to try and get out there ..... There should be no danger really, I've checked it out on a map and there are some lovely nature reserves out there as well. Although Sandton in Johannesburg has been named the
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