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  1. It's because there are two different things in Cannes. The festival with the red carpet and the film market where distributors/producers try to sell films to buyers/broadcasters. If Coriolanus is only in one theater it's probably because it's not considered as a big hit but neverthless there's a public for that kind of film. So it's showed by Icon to possible buyers.
  2. About the name Ralph can be Raphaël in French and Gerard in French takes an accent on the "e" like my last name . So when people pronounce it correctly it's the same thing in english and in French Gérard=Gerard (GERard) bye [
  3. Don't know why he'd come to Belgium but i'd like to have him here for a premiere
  4. Grrrrrrr. I'm jealous. I've a friend who's in Berlin for work. I'd like to work there right now
  5. Beautiful work. Congratulations to the winner
  6. I'm gonna look for it thanks for the tip anyway. A film set visit within the US was offered in the KKC contest Annick. I think it said sometime in 2010 and since Gerry; as yet; does not seem to have anything else on the horizon to film this year I'd have expected the film set visit would be to MGP. Moira
  7. Hi girls, I found a siggy on another site. It's awesome really funny. http://twitpic.com/1z91mt
  8. Whey don't they organize a contest to win a complete visit of the film set. It would be fun
  9. has a crush... guess on who ? ;)

  10. Youn can send me that too. I'm curious I'm not a native speaking so i'm not sure i can help
  11. So Phantom, You must also get Dear Frankie
  12. Hi, I agree with Frannie. If he needs help to walk his dog, I'm totally available
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