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  1. TUT is fantastic...I've seen it many times over. As for PSILY only once....as I cried for pretty much the whole movie. Hilary's part I can totally identify with on many levels! I think Gerry has given parts of his true self in all of the roles he has performed, drawing on real life experiences. This is probably why he's such a great actor besides being naturally charming Milly x
  2. Thanks Christine That'll certainly be a different view of Gerry. Milly x
  3. What an opportunity for him to work with a 'cast of thousands' of other talented actors! Yes, I do believe he is relishing being in the role of a leprechaun ...but is he going to be 'shrunk' to size or will he be all of his mighty 6'2"...(just like Will Ferrell in Elf??) Milly x
  4. Welcome.......That's so cool Polar Bear Thanks for the info....you must be going through such a surreal experience ! And great to hear Gerry truly is an amazing, real down to earth kinda guy Milly x
  5. The photo doesn't do him justice, he's had better as for the lollypop maybe he didn't really like it ? But hey... I salivated anyway :-) Milly x
  6. O....M....G Yes Gerry I love you with your manly scuffy beard. But I also love you without and you have lovely skin and will age gracefully ........ with help from L'Oreal of course Hope the commercials are going to be available to Australia? It'd be the first time I'd be keen to watch a commercial! My husband doesn't know what he's in for, the products certainly won't be for me I'm not a man, but I'll have part of Gerry on my man he,he,he I mean really, Gerry can do anything...the world is his oyster! Milly x
  7. Thanks for the welcome Milly...glad to know there's another Gerry fan from Oz on here. Cheers.

  8. Welcome Lyn, good to see a fellow Australian on GB Gals!

    Milly x

  9. Only a few more sleeps before it's available here in Australia... The Bounty Hunter is where it all started for me so it's only fitting I purchase it for keeps. Besides I do like to see him in romcoms as the DVD's I do have are getting a beating, it's a nice change/mix to the big action filled movies he makes and as for the critics....they have an easy job but no talent for picking the winners so to them. Milly x
  10. I'm so glad you got your siggie to work!! HUGS

  11. Millie, what happened to the picture?It has been removed. Sandy Hi Sandy, I don't know what/who/why it happens but each time I place a signature or avatar it gets removed Will try again and hope it sticks! Milly x :-)
  12. AC/DC a great Aussie band but I couldn't watch the video even half way....because of the man in the background who couldn't keep his hand of Gerry (bet he felt like turning to do exactly that!) Milly x
  13. He is such a kind, decent man and can be anyone to anybody, he has proven himself to be a real champion. Not afraid of his fans and goes out of his way to please Milly x
  14. There is so much information on GB Gals and am discovering new stuff all the time. My way of thought has totally changed because I used to think I was the 3am girl lol ....... .....but only in the sense that I was up and awake at 3am trolling through the internet (my husband is a sound sleeper and at that hour I'd probably scare the sh#t out of him by getting amorous suddenly). Now that I know that story behind it, well I'm still up at 3.00am occassionally and during those wee hours of the morning I will think of Gerry fondly (as opposed to fondling) Milly x
  15. He probably wishes he could get married and have children, if he finds 'the one'. I whole heartedly wish him all the best when and if it happens. But in the meantime, in his position/status and considering how long it took him to get there, true love and committment will be difficult, especially seeing what can happen i.e divorce, etc. Also, considering he loves women so much, he may not be able to trust himself to stray from a wife! So even he may need to get a clearer perspective of what he wants and needs by slowing down and giving himself some breathing space, it's easy to get caught up in it all and muddy the waters. I envisage that when the time is right for him he will settle down but perhaps not in a state of marriage, instead a life partner arrangement. Who knows....he may hook up with one of his school girlfriends or someone unattached to showbusiness but their resolve will need to be strong to understand the nature of his occupation and ignore media hype. As a Gerry fan, I hope he finds love and happiness from his heart and mind but still find the time to continue making movies. Milly x
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