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    coocking, reading, movies that are dramas or thrillers, musicals, misteries. I love to garden and decorate, I love writing stories for kids and also big fictionals stories from my imagination, and of course I have a great big place in my heart for Gerard.

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  2. boy, that Jewel of the Sahara is one ugly camel, Gerry is not bad, but this is what I had not seen before, boy, I did not missed any thing. Bad choice Gerry, hey but you got a pay check any way.
  3. I hope he films one soon. Is sort of my wish to see him film a good romatic drama but hopefully with him not dying at the end, something like The Swan, or The Sound of Music, or South Pacific. Any one heard any rumors of something like that happening any time soon?
  4. I love lollypops also, I like the chocolate ones....Gerry lick away.
  5. He sounds so nice and we are so lucky to be his fans.
  6. There is a movie named Trucker, Michelle Monaghan is the the Trucker, is a great little movie showing on Demand at Concast, she plays a young woman with a past and needs to deal with that past even if it spoils her plans of just being a free spirit. She gives a great performance, Oscar quality acting, the movie also stars Benjamin Bratt and a new actor who happens to be the one that plays Castle, the ABC TV show. I wish Gerry the best on this movie, it sounds like he has a winner here.
  7. Welcome to GALS Prosie :)

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