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  1. So where are they filming? Is this the Australian set? I can't wait for MGP & Coriolanus releases! Any news on those?
  2. Hey Gals~ Well, as for your question, I'm still considering going. My reasons for not moving forward with plans yet are the following: If I come, I will probably be alone, since I have a 5 year old, and Vegas isn't the best for family vacations. Also, financially I'm not certain if I can spend money on a trip for myself alone, (while leaving the family alone); and finally, it is a tricky time of the year. I live in the Northern Midwest, and June - Aug is the best time of the year here; it's difficult to leave the perfect weather here to go to Hot Vegas during the Summer months. That's just me though ~ sounds like several have responded about signing on already! Have fun : )
  3. This is fantastic : ) That's why WE Love him! So, I have to admit, I am going through a little withdrawal of recent Gerry pics! While I want him to have some free time & not get distracted from his work while in South Africa, I really do miss the weekly feed of pictures I was getting from sites & some GB fan friends while Gerry was working on MGP in Michigan.... Come on to our South Africa counterparts... Share the Love .. and the pictures please if you know of any!
  4. Justin B on the list?? Seriously? That is laughable, but I suppose that teen is just too 'in' to ignore. So HAPPY for our Ger ... and proud! He'll be rockin it into his 70's like any good Scot!
  5. Polar Bear ~ What an awesome experience for you & your family! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into Gerry's life on set, showing (as we've seen so many times on interviews and video clips) how wonderfully 'real' and jovial he is. I must say your picture with him is fantastic (0f both of you). As another 'Michigander', I was hoping to make it downstate from Traverse City to see him on set while he was 'so close', but just wasn't in the cards this time around. Who knows, perhaps they'll have an opening night in our state. Hopefully your house and routine is getting back to 'normal', although perhaps you miss the mini VIP treatment : ) With Gratitude, Ashley
  6. To funny Delene!!! Ha ha .... that would be a dream wouldn't it, but I think you're right, the tweet system would probably detonate with responses from rabid fans, including myself
  7. Yum!! Please put my name in for the Leon. action figure & for any of the Men's Health Mags, or the Signed Tshirt. Thank You ~Ash
  8. Thanks for sharing this story! And I love the Gerry / Independence day siggys! Happy 4th to all you GALS : ) Love, Ashley
  9. I agree with GBPhanatic... I think Marie slips & says his name @ the table when they were at the dance (when Frankie was looking down & the secret wasn't exposed) but I couldn't quite understand her accent so I'm not sure which name she used.... any Scotlanders that can interpret for us?? The Stranger is my favorite Gerry character!! Although, Marek, and One Two, and Mike, or Gerry, and ... aaaahh.. too many Gerrys to chose from!!
  10. I've had the AD mag in my work bag for months now just so I can peruse pics of Gerry on any whim : ) I think I've managed to recruit several more fans in the process!
  11. Someone commented on another site that Lionsgate is the company that sent "Butterfly on a Wheel" AKA Shattered direct to TV... hope that doesn't happen with this film ... ~Ashley
  12. Thanks everyone!! If I am so fortunate, I will definitely 'represent' for the GALS < ------ Me on the side lines gawking @ Ger!!
  13. Moria ~ HA HA ! Love it!! (Too bad I have all my teeth ) Chubby Church Goer might work ... Thanks for wishing me luck!! Mary ~ I haven't heard anything about the S.Africa casting call .. Will keep my eyes open for ya.
  14. I'm in Michigan so I'm going to try for it : ) Woo Hoo! Although I'm about 4 hours North of Detroit... I'm having difficulty with the casting call website though.. it's incredibly slow and won't load consistently. Anyway else having difficulties? I'll let you all know if anything FABULOUS happens!
  15. Welcome to GALS ash0522 :)

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