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  1. Thanks and I love your siggy!!! My book has been released and available on Amazon! Take 2 I hope you all like it and think I did Gerry justice! The book is out! I hope you all will take a peak! Take 2
  2. Hi Cheryl, Yes life has been crazy! I got a divorce, became a grandmother, quit my old job, finally found a new one, and now I have a book coming out! the last year has been remarkable! I miss you guys! I talk to a few on Facebook. I'm there all the time! I'll try not to be such a stranger here! Maybe I'll figure out a way to make Vegas next year!
  3. My Book, Take 2, will be available in ebook format on Amazon as of Dec 29. Later in the spring the paperback will be available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I am having a Facebook Release party on Dec 29, 1-5 CST. There will be giveaways and lots of crazy fun! Everyone is welcome. Ring In the New Year - Take 2 Release Party!
  4. I'm publishing my first fiction romance (GB is my inspiration) Dec 2012!!

  5. Christy, I know it will be ebook in Dec. I'm not sure when the paperback will be out. I know it will be avaliable to order from Barnes and Noble when its ready. I'll keep you all posted! GB Gals are the best!!!
  6. Looks like it will be coming out in Dec...called Take 2. I will share updates as I receive them!
  7. Hi everyone! Its been a long time since I have been on and I won't bore you with all the happenings. My main reason for posting her was to make an announcement. When I joined GALS a little over 2 years ago I had started writing a contemporary romance based on Gerry (his real life - with some changes). I am happy to say it will be out in ebook in Dec! I'm not sure when print will be ready but I'm hoping early spring! Even though I never shared the things I was going thru when I was here you all really helped me. Also, seeing the support for Gerry and all the love and respect everyone has for him made it even easier to write about him. As soon as the title is decided and the date set I will share it with you! Thank you everyone!! Lindalou
  8. Looks like he may have 2 nominations this year! About time he's appreciated for his gifts! Linda
  9. It was great watching the feed. Thank you everyone for letting those of us who couldn't attend feel a part of it. I am saving and hoping for next year. Kisses to all! Linda
  10. Hi Gals! Its been awhile since I have been on the site. Things have been pretty busy. I finally finished my first book and am working on my query letter. Pray for me! I have a friend who is trying to get me in the publishing door. Of course my main character is a modern day "Gerry" type guy with the accent and the cursing! He's a handsome actor with all the right "moves"! Also, I have become and independent fitness rep for Beachbody products (P90X, Shakeology, INSanity, BodyGospel, TurboJam) and am trying to get my business going. I'm also helping a friend with his Bed & Breakfast and Art Gallery - and his side business - he's developing an electric recumbent bike. Oh, and I work full time still! Crazy life! I still pop in to see photos of our fav Scottish guy! Can't go without those!!! If you have time please check out some of my blogs and sites: www.lindabolton.blogspot.com (Romance Blog) www.getfitwithlindalou.blogspot.com (fitness blog) www.facebook.com/linda.bowersbolton www.facebook.com/pages/get-fit-with-lindalou www.facebook.com/pages/sparhawk-art-gallery-and-bed-breakfast I'll keep you posted when I have a publisher and final working title of my book. You all are great friends! Lindalou P.S. Looks like I need to change my siggy too! I'll get right on that! LOL
  11. You're lucky with your name! I need the Gals to come up with a moniker for me because my real name is too uncommon. How's Jane....or Cindy....thousands of those???? Or Buffy I'll have to shorten my Gals name on my siggies. Maybe to AprhroD. Buffy is good!!!! LMAO!
  12. you're just feeling charitable for Christmas! You can give him to me next time! LOL
  13. You're lucky with your name! I need the Gals to come up with a moniker for me because my real name is too uncommon. How's Jane....or Cindy....thousands of those????
  14. I am breathing hard right next to ya! Linda
  15. I'm making some avi's tonight out of that HOT commercial!! Cheryl Cheryl, Your the bomb!!!! Linda
  16. Very HOT! Thanks for sharing! Linda
  17. I'd love to devour him! He looks fantastic!! I agree a bit on the thin side but that will change! You know how he loves his cupcakes! Linda
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