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  1. Thanks Frannie! For details about my novel, please visit my Website at: www.LifeAfterPhantom.com TITLE: Life After Phantom: Opera Erotica AUTHOR: Samantha My novel is available at Amazon.com & BarnesandNoble.com, in hard copy and Kindle. There is also a direct link to the Amazon listing from my Website.
  2. http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e329/samanthastwitch/Library/CastPOTOpic50.jpg The photos below are of the 'Phantom of the Opera' display that I did at my local library in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. These pics didn't turn out well, because of the reflection in the glass. However, I will take some better pictures without the interference of the glass in the near future. The display will be up through the month of September. There are 5 photos of Gerry Butler as the Phantom, but they don't all show clearly in the photos. The display is much more beautiful in person. There are
  3. Good news! A museum curator was the winner of the Red Death Costume at the auction. In two months it will be on display, and I'll post the name of the museum at that time. The museum also got the polka dot Masquerade costume, and the Sailor outfit.
  4. I wasn't being "snippy" to you or anyone on this board, just to clear that up. I posted the facts, because people didn't know and I wanted to back up my statements with evidence. But I am disgusted that RUG didn't give a hoot about these valuable items.
  5. GOOD NEWS! My search is complete! Someone worthy will be bidding on items of interest. Can't say any more until after the auction. I'll be praying for the bidder to win. Also, when the auction is closed, they will not reveal who the winner is to the public.
  6. ALW isn't the answer. He's the one who owned them and sold them in the first place. Now look where they ended up. I would be afraid that if he knew about the auction, one of his friends might find out about it and drive up the price during bidding. I don't mean intentionally drive up the price...I mean, if ALW's friends knew of the auction, I'm sure some would bid on the items, and that would drive up the prices. As I said earlier, if the price is jacked up, then a museum won't be able to afford them. The bids may be hidden and not show up until after the end of the auction. ADDITION TO
  7. Yes, that is sometimes referred to as a "Reserve". Owners quote a 'minimum' price that they will accept for their auctioned item. If no one bids the minumum price (Reserve), then they can pull their item from the auction. However, if anyone bids the minimum price, then it cannot be pulled. That's been the rules of the auctions that I'm familiar with. The minimum bids are posted with the costumes on the Heritage Auction, and with the number of Watchers, that won't be a problem. If they have silent bids, those may have already been met.
  8. The auctions are public and have nothing to do with the Mod/Admins on this Forum. If Susan pulls the costumes for a private buyer, that would be great, but nothing I/we do would hinder or affect her ability to do that. Although, as I said, in my experience, once items go to auction, the owner has little or nothing to say about what happens from there. Of course, every auction house has their own rules, so that may differ. Any attempts to get a museum interested will have no affect on what Susan can or cannot do with the costumes. In the meantime, as long as the costumes are listed,
  9. Now that the costumes are in auction, I don't think Susan can say or do anything about it. I don't believe she can pull the costumes, even if she had a good private offer. I could be wrong, but that's my experience with auctions. Once items are listed and the bidding begins, that's it, unless someone else claims ownership.
  10. I found a museum in the area that handles costumes. I just left a message with that department. Waiting for a return call. I hope they take interest. They would be the perfect place to display the costumes. I'll keep on it until I get the curator. It's actually not a good idea to post too much detail. It is an auction, and the bidding price could be driven up. If the price goes too high, a museum might not be able to purchase the items. The economy in the U.S. is really hurting, and the arts have suffered greatly from it. I wish someone rich and would buy the costumes and DON
  11. Now that's a great idea! Actually, since the costumes are in the states, maybe there's a museum here that would buy them. I'll see what I can find out on the Net.
  12. My comment isn't directed at the owner of the costumes. She did good, keeping the costumes together all this time. Although if it were me, I would have found an exclusive buyer instead of putting them up for auction. But I'm not judging her. Everyone does what they must. I'm just saying, I hope someone comes in and rescues the whole lot, like she did.
  13. Of all the characters Gerry has played, Phantom is closest to his heart...that's the character he relates to the most. He has said so many times. Just look at the design and decor of his Manhattan Loft. It reflects everything Phantom. I believe that's his lair. I wish Gerry would buy the lot of costumes to preserve them. For decades my family dealt in antiques, collectibles, and war relics/memorabilia as a hobby. My parents were very eccentric. My mother loved antiques, and my father loved war relics. So we collected both when it was an untapped market. My father became very famous i
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