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    I work in theatre as an actress (still awaiting the big break but it's looking up), director and I coach actors and teach acting classes. I also work in the design areas, designing stage sets and costuming. But to eat, I work as a personal assistant or whatever it's called nowadays. I've had to give up my day job cause I just signed for a supporting role in an independent movie and two other short flms being shot over the summer. Also, I am being called instead of me calling them. This might be it. Films are a passion with me, particulary foreign films and Canadian made films, obviously. My other favorite interest is archaeology. Guess that's why I love digging around in used book stores and on the internet. One topic always leads to another and there I am at five in the morning in front of the screen way off topic. My favorite place in the world is my family summer home in the Haliburton Highlands of northern Ontario. This area was settled by the Scots in the 1800's and it still bears an uncanny resemblance to Scotland along with a plethora of pubs. The Highland Games are held annually and usually fall on or near my birthday. My cottage is perched on a granite cliff with a long walk down to a sand beach. We are on the top lake in the system and it is spring fed and long and narrow with high granite cliffs capped with an ancient pine forest. We don't have any Nessie's as far as I know. And my second favorite place is Stonehenge with Roslyn Castle the third. My familiar is a cat named William. They are my family. I don't have a favorite actress, but admire Sarah Polley and Shirley MacLean a great deal, and am envious of Maria Bello who has starred opposite my three favorite actors as their wife, Johnny Depp, Vigo Mortenson and now, Gerard Butler. And I adore Gerard Butler.

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  1. 'Rock-n-rolla' is receiving a Premiere showing at the Toronto International Film Festival and I was wondering if anyone has heard if Mr. B. will be attending???? If so, I'm there with bells on............... Cailleach
  2. Sight................just an all-round nice feller............. Love him even more :wuv: Cailleach
  3. Yummy, you said a mouthful Lish ........... they're so accessible........ Cailleach
  4. OK, a huge THANK YOU to the angel who posted these pictures. You saved my life. I've just had the worst day, miserable. Impossible people being just, well, impossible and I was caught in the middle. And I still haven't heard back about the movie role, after two call-backs, but it has only been two weeks..............hope springs eternal......... Now, after a miserable, cold, long winter, it's SNOWING OUTSIDE, AGAIN!!!! I needed a boost so I logged on and was immediately drawn to these gorgeous pictures. I mean, WOW!!! They were taken on Sunday and look, it's sunny, warm, and NO FRIGGIN SNOW!!! and the men are absolutely gorgeous, well one anyway............... Sigh, off to bed, to dream of sunshine and, well you get the picture.......... Luv ya GALS Cailleach
  5. OK, now how do I get in on the action???? Actress looking for work Call me No I'm serious.............. Cailleach
  6. I just recently finished a film in which I was interacting with two very young girls. This was their first time on a film set and, I must confess, I was approaching the job with a great deal of trepidation. After a couple of days I had a complete attitude reversal. The little ladies were giving 100% of the time and forcing everyone on set to take a fresh look at what we were doing. We were all taken back to when it was new and exciting with the result that the overall shoot took on a spark and freshness that energized everyone. I learned more from a seven and five year old than I did from all my years of training. Actors are warned to never work with kids or animals. Well, I would be happy to work with kids anytime. The truth and giving that I rec'd from these two little ladies I will never forget and I will use the memory for all my future work. Now my question: You have now worked with two young actors in very different films. How do the two experiences compare and differ???? Cailleach
  7. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday darling Gerry, Happy Birthday to you!!! OK, :intheshade: OK, I know I can't sing.........I'll stop now and wish you all the best in the year to come, cause you're the best and deserve only the best. Luv ya most, :kiss: Cailleach
  8. Thanks Anna, but I don't think there's gonna be too many stores open that day here in the frozen north, and, what the heck are you doing up at this hour anyway?????? Cailleach
  9. Thanks Swannie, All I know is that everything is pretty much closed on Christmas Day here in the frozen north. Worse yet, there are three films that I intend to catch over the Christmas break, 'Sweeney Todd' with Johnny Depp (yummy), 'National Treasure 2' (with Nick Cage, OK but..........) and 'P.S. I Love You' with the hottest man on the planet, and all three are scheduled to open December 21st!!! Guess I'll need roller blades to make it to all three theatres the same day....................... Thanks for the info, Cailleach btw, what are you doing up at this hour??????
  10. OK, now that I've finished reading this thread, can any of you lucky ladies tell me when the DVD will be released? We don't get TNT in Ottawa so now I can relate to how you felt when Beowulf and Grendel was released and played here. :bonk: After reading your comments and reactions, I am doubly anxious to see the movie. Any tidbit, please Cailleach
  11. Does anyone know when the DVD for 'Shattered' is scheduled for release? I'm about to start slashing my wrists after reading this thread 'cause we never got to see the film in Ottawa on Sunday, very unfair. Now I know how all of you felt about 'Beowulf and Grendel' (sigh). Cailleach
  12. Dear Alice, As I told you in my message, you are an angel. :angel2: Thank you for all your hard work and CONGRATULATIONS!!! :goodjob2: Looking to next year with high hopes of being there. Cailleach
  13. Great idea!!! I'm in. I'm sure Lolita will love it. Any news about Gerard's accident? His whiplash injury etc.? If he needs nursing, I'm always available..... Cailleach
  14. Hi GALS, In case any of you are like me, collectors of His Gorgeousness movie posters, I just rec'd a heads-up mssg. from my favorite source. The poster for '300' is in stock!!!!! Mind you, this is in Canada, where Gerry shot the movie etc. so all you Canuk GALS, here ya go, get 'em while they're hot, and the movie is super hot........... http://ca.movieposter.com/ Waiting for March 16.... :leochest: Cailleach
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