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  1. it looks like a great film but i gotta ask...does he die in this one?lol
  2. I didnt get a chance to see this movie in theater but I bought it as soon as it came out on dvd (like all of gerry's movies!). I had no idea what it was about though and even after watching it I still didnt have a clue lol but it had some pretty funny moments which i didnt expect from that kind of film. I loved the whole cast as well! i didnt know idris elba had an accent in real life. soo good at hiding it! gerry was awesome in it. didnt expect the thing with bob but it was very well done!
  3. I PMed you my take on the level of gore! Steph I heard there was a rape scene in this movie. i cant stand those. too unbearable for me. who does it involve in the movie? not the daughter is it? only thing keeping me from seeing it.
  4. mike was soo funny! i loved it! cant wait to see the bloopers on the dvd!
  5. POTO hooked me onto gerry as well. that was about i believe 4yrs ago and am still just as nuts. I go gaga for the last line that he sings "its over now the music of the nite." sooo amazingly done. I am quite certain his biggest fan of his singing. i thought he did an amazing job. cant stop listening to him sing.
  6. I watched this with my sister after she got a divorce. She was soo excited about the plot. She saw the ending and thought it was an awesome idea! course i just loved it due to Gerry badass or not!
  7. I think Dear Frankie is one of gerry's best movies. One that I can watch over and over again (and have
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