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    St. John's, Newfoundland
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    I speak French, love to travel for culture, history and architecture and not to lay on the beach; I love photography, video & photo-editing, and writing... Last but not least, I love anything related to Gerry ;-)

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  1. Happy Birthday Veronica! <3

  2. VeroZero

    Table Sponsors

    Hey all! Is it too late to sponsor a table? Time is flying and I didn't realize that there was a deadline! A PM is the fastest way to get me... or my email: vbric@hotmail.com Ciao! Veronica xo
  3. A) Attila's wife wrangler B) Bag supplier for One-Two C) Cape-fitter for Erik and Drac D) Drac's fang polisher E) Envelope for OG's letter F) Fix-it gal for all costume pieces and accessories :-D G) Gorgo's hairdresser H) Hair untangler for Frosty Hesson I) Ice sculptor for Beowulf's village J) Jackie Jr's coat cleaner K) Kable's machine gun handler L) Legal advisor to Clyde Shelton M) Mask Maker for Erik N) Note deliverer for Erik O) Opera Ghost's "anything"! P) Phantom's Red Death suit Q) Quiver-carrier for Andre Marek R) Gerry's script Reader S) Veronica <3
  4. A) Ants B) backache C) contrary people D) Ditzy neighbors E) Egomaniacs on Facebook! F) Flies G) Greed H) Hateful people I) illness J) Junk mail! K) Kids screaming outside next door L) lusty looks from dirty, old men & pervs M) Migraines N) Nasty neighbours O) Overdrafts at the bank P) Predators of children Q) Queasy stomach R) Rashes S) Seedy bars T) Taxes U) Undignified pick-up lines V) Vomiting W)Wasps X) X-Rays Y) yodeling Z) Veronica <3
  5. MAY DAY! MAY DAY! I have come bearing gifts today... that I hope you will enjoy! Mr. May 2012 Thanks goodness for those new pics that we get every month! Gotta run! LOTS of LOVE
  6. A) Arthritis B) Body aches and pains C) Cavities D) Dizziness & vertigo E) Earaches F) Frustration G) Gangs H) Hatred I) Intolerance J) Jaundice K) kamikaze kites in the summer L) Lice M) Manips of Gerry (the real thing is perfect) :-D N) Veronica <3
  7. VeroZero

    Movies ABC

    ABCs of Science Fiction/Horror/Fantasy Films A) Avatar B) Beowulf and Grendel C) Creature From the Black Lagoon D) Dracula 2000 E) Evil Dead (The) F) Friday 13th G) Ghost H) Howling (The) I) I, Robot J) Jaws K) King Kong L) Leviathan M)My Bloody Valentine N) Nemesis (Star Trek) O) (The) Others P) Veronica <3
  8. So sorry for not posting yesterday... It was a busy weekend and we had 35cm of snow on Saturday... As well, since it was April Fools Day, I didn't want you all to think I was teasing... Anyway, here's Mr. April for your viewing pleasure!! Hugs, Kisses and Best Gerrylicious wishes! Veronica
  9. Sue, I think the movie is expected to ship around May 29th... Just under the wire... If I think of anything else, I'll send it your way :-) xo Veronica <3
  10. Hey all!! Just thought I'd drop in with the newest addition to the 2012 CALENDAR!! Take care and chat soon!!
  11. He does look wonderful and rested! So good to see him again... It's been way too long :-) <3 Veronica <3
  12. Gerry, Just a few words to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, as always. I SOOOO appreciate you and your goodness (and your goofiness), especially your positive effect on those around you... This has nothing to do with Gerry the actor, but Gerry the human being with a big heart, warm smile and caring eyes! I would like to join with all your loving fans in wishing you a speedy recovery and eternal happiness! Please take care and take things ONE DAY AT A TIME! Don't be too anxious to get back on that high-speed train for Hollywood - your health is far MORE important than anything you'll find there! You are one person, Gerry! Don't do everything; do what you can - Don't be something for everyone; be yourself and that should suffice for those who truly love you! Much love, and many warm hugs coming your way! Your Newfie Gal, Veronica <3 Veronica <3
  13. I'm so envious! Hubby gave me Marek for Christmas... What a gift! Love for him to join in on the action! Keep giving me good ideas to bring to the hubby - why go to Vegas when you live on the east coast of Canada! All ideas welcome! LOL I'm wearing him down :-) Hahahaha Veronica <3
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