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  1. :hello: everyone!

    I love the countdown meter on the page header... It's going to be the BEST time and there are some awesome guests lined up. It's so sad that it lands around the same time as our family vacation that starts on June 14th... The hubby promises that we'll get to LV soon... I need to flaunt my Marek doll :drool1: But mostly, I'd love to meet you ladies... I've met such wonderful people with loving and giving hearts like our G... :yourock:

    How interesting that the day I choose to drop in for a quick HELLO, I find Frannie and the siggy... I'm glad you like it Frannie!! :rose: Gerry certainly makes you WANT to be conquered by Atilla... LOL :attila2:

    I've been so delinquent lately with PSE9 that I've been resorting to my iPhone apps for a few "quickie" projects... I've been so busy with fundraising for our national walk for diabetes on June 10th, and preparing for vacation, that I barely have time to breathe. It could be worse, and I do enjoy volunteering, so I'm not complaining.:swoon:

    I have to get back to work... loving the siggies and all the excitement in the air!! :pillowfight::partytime:

    :butterfly:LOTS OF LOVE :hearts:


  2. Hey all!Posted Image

    Is it too late to sponsor a table? Time is flying and I didn't realize that there was a deadline! A PM is the fastest way to get me... or my email: vbric@hotmail.com

    Ciao!Posted Image

    Veronica xo

  3. Hey all!

    Just touching down for a brief visit to see if all the mothers and mothers to be had a GREAT Mother's Day and were spoiled rotten.

    I wanted to leave a little something for Frannie, hoping that she'll drop by soon. I sent it to her FB account, but I'm not sure if he uses it.

    So Frannie, I hope you enjoy! From me to you for all the wonderful siggies you've created over the years for all o us :-)


    Hope it works... Mobile still drives me batty sometimes!

    I wanted to wish you all a GREAT time at the con this year! Where has this year gone? We'll be leaving for Europe the week after, so I'm super excited :-)

    Gotta run and be a mother on Mother's day! Lol

    Lots of love to you all!

    Veronica xoxoxo

    Veronica <3

  4. A) Attila's wife wrangler

    B) Bag supplier for One-Two

    C) Cape-fitter for Erik and Drac

    D) Drac's fang polisher

    E) Envelope for OG's letter

    F) Fix-it gal for all costume pieces and accessories :-D

    G) Gorgo's hairdresser

    H) Hair untangler for Frosty Hesson

    I) Ice sculptor for Beowulf's village

    J) Jackie Jr's coat cleaner

    K) Kable's machine gun handler

    L) Legal advisor to Clyde Shelton

    M) Mask Maker for Erik

    N) Note deliverer for Erik

    O) Opera Ghost's "anything"!

    P) Phantom's Red Death suit

    Q) Quiver-carrier for Andre Marek

    R) Gerry's script Reader


    Veronica <3

  5. A) Ants

    B) backache

    C) contrary people

    D) Ditzy neighbors

    E) Egomaniacs on Facebook!

    F) Flies

    G) Greed

    H) Hateful people

    I) illness

    J) Junk mail!

    K) Kids screaming outside next door

    L) lusty looks from dirty, old men & pervs

    M) Migraines

    N) Nasty neighbours

    O) Overdrafts at the bank

    P) Predators of children

    Q) Queasy stomach

    R) Rashes

    S) Seedy bars

    T) Taxes

    U) Undignified pick-up lines :p

    V) Vomiting


    X) X-Rays

    Y) yodeling


    Veronica <3

  6. I really miss your work Frannie and I know you still have it in you! When you've done as many as you have, you never forget! I cherish the Phantom one that you did...

    I know you LOVE Atilla, so it would be a pleasure to do a siggy for you?!? There won't be moving graphics, it would be pretty basic, much like my calendars, but I'd be honored to do one for you 😘

    I really miss hanging out in the clubhouse... But my heart doesn't leave!

    Lots of love ladies! Xoxoxo 💋

    Veronica <3


    I'm SOOOOOOOO SORRY for not being around lately, but you gals have been in my thoughts... I'm SO loving all the new siggies... Mr. Naughty Kilt... YAHOO!! Posted Image

    I have come bearing gifts today... Posted Image that I hope you will enjoy!

    Mr. May 2012

    Thank goodness for those April showers... gave us some lovely new and playful pics of our GPosted Image !

    Gotta run! LOTS of LOVE, HUGS and SWEET GERRY Posted Images

    Posted Image

  8. Steph - that's so great that you had a visitor... You were certainly busy, but I'm sure you had loads of fun!

    Sue & April - I missed your bdays? How can that happen? I'm away far too much!

    I'm heading out if town for the weekend to visit with my parents... It's a long drive but I SOOOO need this outing! Fresh sea air, but will have to watch out for polar bears :-/

    The ice is here earlier than usual and the floe is bringing seals and polar bears. Something is not right... I can't remember ever hearing of so many sightings before... So, watch out for polar bears and coyotes...

    Sebastien loves having his Easter egg hunt with his grandparents! :-D

    I'm on mobile and can't see those gorgeous Easter siggies, though I know they're AWESOME! They always are! I will try and make one this weekend :-)

    Gotta run and see what's left to pack!

    Ciao Belle!


    Veronica <3

  9. ABCs of Science Fiction/Horror/Fantasy Films

    A) Avatar

    B) Beowulf and Grendel

    C) Creature From the Black Lagoon

    D) Dracula 2000

    E) Evil Dead (The)

    F) Friday 13th

    G) Ghost

    H) Howling (The)

    I) I, Robot

    J) Jaws

    K) King Kong

    L) Leviathan

    M)My Bloody Valentine

    N) Nemesis (Star Trek)

    O) (The) Others


    Veronica <3

  10. Hi all!

    I should be working, but just wanted to check in. Is there ever a time when anyone (especially a parent) says, "Gosh! What will I ever do with all this free time?!?!?!" Didn't think so?Posted Image

    Kathy - the pic is one that was posted on GALS just recently... definitely one of those treasures that pop up from time to time - those are the kinds of surprises I could use every day Posted Image . I know it's an older one, but I just LOVED it and had to use it!! As for the quote, it's actually something that Gerry said himself (Source: LA Confidential). I try to use his own words to make the calendars a little more personal for us all.

    I'm SO LOVING all the siggies... I need to make a new one. Mine is about a year old now and it was my first kick at manipping me into a pic with Gerry. It's definitely NOT as good as the REAL THING... Posted Image

    The new addition to your family is BEAUTIFUL!! What a lucky little girl she is... and, how lucky you are to have her in your lifePosted Image

    Hi EVERYONE ELSE (can't start naming, or it will never end and I'll miss someone Posted Image ) - I can't believe how close the CON is... HOLY MOLY!! Time just flies... that means that my vacation time is very close too. I promise to keep in touch while I'm away. I'm still on my hubby's back about me going since it's such a long trek for us... From the East coast of Canada to the West of the US... he assures me that we will go... I say that it can't come soon enough. It's tough to build relationships without having some "facetime" Posted Image

    Bonnie- I CANNOT leave without commenting on youy Hump Day siggy! OMGerry!!Posted Image

    Suzie - I just got to see Coriolanus too thanks to Stuart who found out that it was playing in a small theatre near my home... GOD love him... I never consider that cinema and I don't think I could have waited until after vacation to see it! I totally agree with what you said... they did a great job at integrating the old english into a modern scenario... and, of course, GERRY was amazing... now, I need to see it a second time just to focus on Gerry because I got really caught up in the story.

    Anyway, that's it for me... So much for a quick visit! I'll be back :-)

    Ciao Belle,

    Veronica :-)

  11. Hey ladies!Posted Image

    I've missed you all SO MUCH!! Taking a serious look at everything going on in my life and trying to get some perspective. Supporting Sebastien and his diabetes has really come to the forefront, but I think of you all often.

    Here's Mr. April for your viewing pleasure and use, and I promise to be back VERY SOON!

    Posted Image

    Love you all LOTS and LOTS!!

    Veronica Posted Image

  12. So sorry for not posting yesterday... It was a busy weekend and we had 35cm of snow on Saturday...

    As well, since it was April Fools Day, I didn't want you all to think I was teasing...Posted Image

    Anyway, here's Mr. April for your viewing pleasure!!

    Posted Image

    Hugs, Kisses and Best Gerrylicious wishes!

    VeronicaPosted Image

  13. Just a quick touch down... So good to see you back Frannie!

    I'm in a rush tonight... Have to prepare for a presentation that I have to make tomorrow about Type 1 diabetes to some local, potential corporate sponsors...

    I have been busy with the afternoon delights that I post on my Photobucket account... I'll start posting some other goodies soon :-)

    Lots of love to you ALL!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Xoxoxoxo

    Veronica <3

  14. Hey everyone! Just touching down for a minute... It's so cold outside that I think it will be the perfect day to play with Gerry and see what wonders I can come up with... Anything with Gerry is wonderful, wouldn't you all agree?

    Kathy - I can't wait to see what you've done... The mobile app doesn't let me see image files :-( I'm sure it awesome... That sprinkling of grey in his beard is SHMEXY! Meow! <3

    Hope everyone is having a restful weekend?

    Lots of love xoxoxo

    Veronica <3

  15. Hey everyone!! :wave: if I start naming everyone, I know I'll forget someone... Don't want to do that :doh: !

    I'm loving all the siggy action!! :yay:

    Kathy - I had a great day and actually got a half day extra due to a blizzard... Luckily, the snow is almost gone again :-)

    The extra time gave me a little time to play with PS Touch on the iPad and I did this for St. Paddy's day!! Hope you all like :-)

    Posted Image

    Steph - I hope you do get to see more of Scotland! It's next on my list of places to visit since its where some of my ancestors came from... Such history!

    Gonna head off and look at "Mulan" with my precious little man...

    Much love to you all! :kiss: :kiss:

  16. Thanks for the B-Day wishes Kathy! Yep Veronica and I share the same day :pointy:

    Going out to dinner tonight to celebrate with mu Hubby AND Daughter.

    Good to see you pop in here Erica! Don't be such a stranger :wave:

    :wave:Steph! I'm glad you're having such a grand time in Scotland! Your photos are fabulous! Take your time with the Highland cow GF, we can be patient lol!

    How is school going? Is it what you expected? I spent my first semester of college in London and LOVED it! Such great memories. I too have been back to Europe sense my college days but haven't made it to Scotland.. humph! It will be a must see for my next trip.

    Hi Dana! The iPad PS app sounds great! I've been thinking about getting an iPad. I have the iPhone and love it!


    Posted Image

    Hugs All,


    Hi Cheryl!

    When you have the iPhone and the iPad they integrate so easily together via iCloud...

    I have a MacBook too and I'm ashamed to say that I do almost all of my photo fun with apps... That's why they're not as complex as some of the gorgeous ones you gals do with the gifs, avis, etc.

    I have the PS Touch and I find it good, but it's certainly not as advanced as PSElements...

    Much love all!

    Veronica xoxox

    Veronica <3

  17. I was so busy yesterday, but this really made my morning! There's a blizzard outside and I'm hoping that my office will be closed... Extended birthday!

    It's so cool that Cheryl and I share the same birthdate... Thanks so much for thinking of me! I'm so blessed to have such great people in my life!

    Will check in later and read all the posts I've missed! Xoxoxox

    Veronica <3

  18. Oh boy! I've missed SOOOO much!

    Hi to everyone! Hope you're all doing well?!?

    Kathy - I love what you've done with that siggy... They eyes, the look... So classic...

    Hey all! Photoshop Touch is now available for iPad... I've been playing around a little. It's easy to work with layers, but there are some things that you can't do... I'm hoping this will come with updates to the software since it's so new... :-) it's nowhere near the capacity of PSE tho...

    As soon as I have something, I'll post with you all...

    Gonna run for the evening, but I wish you all a great evening, afternoon or night, wherever you may be :-)

    From my neck I the woods... SGDs xoxoxo

    Veronica <3

  19. Posted Imageeveryone!!

    It's been crazy, especially with some volunteer work I'm doing for JDRF... Being chair of this committee is proving to be more than I expected... Posted Image but I said I would help out and I never back down. Posted Image

    Unfortunately, it means that I have less time to hang out with my gals here and on FB and Twitter...Posted Image

    Buff - the jewelry is GORGEOUS!! Posted Image I'm a jewelry freak and I'm so sad that I won't be there to get in on the action. Be sure to let me know where I can order later...

    Bonnie - your St. Patrick's Day/camel siggy is AWESOME!!!Posted Image I hope Gerry comes in to take a look at the shrine we've created in his honor... LOL

    Anya - That siggy is excellent!!Posted Image Can never too much of that BUTLER BUTT!!

    Cheryl - Please take care of yourself! Posted Image Get LOTS of rest and load up on the Posted ImageGerry Juice! :-D

    HI to everyone else because I KNOW I always forget someone! Lots of love to you all!!

    BTW, here's Mr. March... I had planned on using older pics for the calendar since we were in a Gerry draught... As soon as those Oscar pics came out... well... a new one came to being. Hope you all like it!

    Posted Image

    Gonna run, but I'll be BACK!! Posted Image

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