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  1. I would kick off Gods of Egypt and send Dear Frankie to the vault to survive another week.
  2. PSILY back in the vault, and voting A Family Man to go bye bye...
  3. Voting off A Family Man and voting Attila for the vault. 😜
  4. Vote off HTTYD 1 and POTO goes to the vault
  5. My vote is "Miracle March" to go bye bye and POTO in the vault to protect.
  6. My vote goes to the two game movies...Miracle Match and Playing for Keeps.
  7. Seems many are on the same page. I was set to vote off Coriolanus and God of Egypt and saw a lot have already chosen these two also. I guess great minds think alike...lol yes, bye bye to both.
  8. My vote this week is Coriolanus and Gamer.
  9. I say Bye bye to Jewel on the Sahara and Harrison's Flowers.
  10. Fast Food and The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star are my votes this week
  11. 43 for sure! Hm, Tales of the Mummy. These are my pick for the week. Good idea Elissa for the game, btw.
  12. Johnny is one of my favorites. I have to vote Creedy to go home. Love him, but Creedy, bye bye. Oh my, that is so hard to say.
  13. Ok, I just can't decide tonight. I love them. Maybe tomorrow. Ok, I just can't decide tonight. I love them. Maybe tomorrow.
  14. This is so hard. I love Terry. I guess I have to vote for Sam to go. Bad boys are cool too.
  15. Set- 'Gods of Egypt' must go and please send Johnny in 'Jury' to the Paradise Island for some fun time...
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