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  1. I read a few years ago that Gerry preferred to be in the front of the camera, but things can change. I prefer he stays inthe front too...He lights up the screen. It might be nice to see him direct a film he is in. Sally
  2. Thank you for sharing this story. My heart breaks for this family. It shows how life can change in a moment. They have to be so brave and to keep such a good attitude is very inspiring. God be with them and heal this boy and mom in all ways. They are amazing. I am so humbled by their courage. sally
  3. I love your siggy Kathy. It did make me go weak in the knees..
  4. I know what you mean Frannie. I am very thirsty... Sally
  5. I'm sorry to hear about your heart giving you trouble and having a surgery. I hope you are feeling much better soon.



  6. What a special treat she is to the heart... Sally
  7. Congratulations to the GALS that won. How exciting and great prizes. Woo Hoo! Sally
  8. Gerry, You are forever surprising us. For a "bad boy" you sure know how to win our hearts. It is because you have such a big one yourself. Thank you so much for standing with us to help this organization. Their kitchen feeds about 200 a meal and it was a very small kitchen. When we were shown a knife as the processor for all the meals, my heart just sank. You will never know how much your donation will mean to these already unfortunate women and children. Your generosity has no bounds. Thank you. Love and hugs, Sally
  9. I need more pictures to decide??? Got anymore? (smiles)
  10. I had a lovely time at the convention. It is fun to be with a bunch of passionate women who all love Gerry, but it goes way beyond that. It really is hard to describe what takes place in a large decorated room full of delightfully intelligent, creative, artistic, hard working, funny, beautiful kindred spirits. Everyone is friendly and wants to put faces to the names we see all year long online, (who licked, spit on, smoked bunches of 17 inch cigarettes, typed all night, pray for each other shared pictures and articles about Gerry, made siggys, wallpapers and AVI's, mandoll lovers, chickens from the Hen house, siggy piggys, and went below the panty line to the gutters, role players,, I mean the whole gambit. It is awesome, let me tell you. When we leave, we not only have faces, we have developed friendships who want to come back again and again. I came home with a sore jaw from laughing so hard for so long. I had a few blisters from all the walking we did on free time. I am happy to say, I earned them. Some of us met before the convention started and enjoyed the Vegas life, seeing POTO on stage, dining with Kings at Excalibur, (too bad they couldn't afford silverware, *chuckles*), finding money on the casino floor, and walking the strip with all its glory. Some told stories of other shows, and pool side encounters. I can't even begin to share all the experiences in Vegas and the fun conversations with the cab drivers. You have to experience it yourself and tell your own stories. I've only touched the surface, because I haven't even mentioned the work they put us through...dressing up, planning our strategies on the raffles and auctions, racking our brains at all the workshops. (*snorts* so much fun and packed full of information) Then, they put us to work with The Shade Tree. What an amazing treat that was, followed by a Gerry movie, LAC. Oh yeah, we had guests as you know, ReNo from LAC in a kilt, (ooo lala, oh that's french, what would be a good phrase, Snap, in Gaelic?) and our Angel, Marlene from The Shade Tree, (talk about inspiring and full of Grace and humble generosity) I can go on and on, but I would rather discuss it all next year at the convention 2011 with you all in person and create new ones, ok? The whole bundle is quite an experience packed full of great memories to keep with you. I think you owe it to yourself to come see what it is all about. I know the economy is rough, that's why we save our pennies starting right now. For those who were there and shared in all the fun, I tip my hat and say, "Lets do it all again next year! WooHoo! (throws hat up in the air) I love you guys, sending big hugs, Sally
  11. You are so welcome here Chris. Make yourself at home and let your mind wander into the world of GALS. We love having you.

  12. And so it begins again...next year, party, party! ( This is me planning for next year) Save these- Sally
  13. Hi Anabel61. Welcome to the site. Hope to hear more from you...

  14. Popping in to catch all the latest news and say Hi. I had such a fun experience in Vegas and hope those of you who have never been, to try it. We get to let our hair down and relax with all our GALfriends. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I didn't get to bed before 2:00am that whole week and then some. We are just crazy enough to have a great time, but not enough to get into any trouble. I am not a gambler, but I found a folded hundred dollar bill on the ground and put it to good use with the help of a couple other GALS. I thoroughly enjoyed the volunteer time many of us GALS spent helping and getting to know all about The Shade Tree. I miss all the GALS I had the pleasure of meeting and hope to see you all again next year. I hope to meet many of you who take the chance next year to give it a go. This was my fourth time and I had a great time at each one. If I can do it, being a rather shy person, I think anyone could. This probably isn't the thread to write our convention experiences, I just wanted to encourage you all to try it. You have new friends waiting to meet you, but it isn't free, so start planning now. Dayna works diligently to try to keep expenses as low as possible without giving in to paper plates. She wants to keep it nice as we all do. You all have almost a whole year to save up those pennies and I think, if you ask anyone who was there, it will be well worth it. Good food, good conversations, good entertainment, such as our stand up comic Holly, and our Katie with a voice of a songbird, plus guests like ReNo , and Marlene-from the Shade Tree, plus each of the workshop leaders,) good decorations from people who are quite talented, good fun, good friendships, and great Gerry pictures and stories to be had by all to feed your addictions. I have such good memories to keep with me always. Thank you GALS! Love you guys, Sally
  15. Welcome all you new comers. It is great to hear from new people. I hope you keep coming back for more of Gerry- 42isbetter, Mary and leelee. We love new fresh members. Sally
  16. Awww Barb! What a wonderful thing for you to do! You captured pairfectly what it is like to be in Vegas. Thanks for a great coming home gift. Deb and Sally
  17. It's nice he can have a little spontaneity in his life. What a fascinating subject that captured his interest... sally
  18. I noticed the clean shaven face too. He looks good either way. I wonder what he is doing in Moscow. The man must have ants in his pants! He can't stand still anywhere. Busy, busy, busy. He must be working on something, but what??? Aren't you all curious? I am. Sally
  19. How can Gerry look so calm when he is a short time away from going on National TV to present? Amazing! I'd be a nervous wreck. Good find Moira. Thanks.
  20. OMG!!! Deb, thanks for calling me. You gave me a heads up and I had to come look. OMG! I love the one where he is looking to his left. LOOK AT THAT! Holly, you need to pick Deb up off the ground... Sally
  21. Ok, I take it back. Maybe... He still looks pretty good, even if he is focused on his cell. The idea of a book was better for my imagination.
  22. Ok, I have to say, Gerry looks really sexy sitting there quietly reading. That does it for me.
  23. Thanks Dragonslayer for the extra info. Sally
  24. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks in Vegas, Baby! ;)

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