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  1. I like your style!

  2. Thought I would come by and thank you for all your updates and pictures shared with us.

  3. Gerry looks good. Thanks for the pictures. It's good to see G-Man has time to get out and about and see the city's activities with friends.
  4. I saw your note. Woot! Your coming to Vegas! Look forward to meeting you.

  5. Just to let you know, Deb, Shawn and Kacey and I are not booked at the Hilton this year. No room is in our name. We are doing something else.
  6. Thought I would add Shawn and Kacey to the list. They will be at the convention. For those of you going, that is a good time to throw ideas at Shawn for the survivor thread. Twist his arm! LOL
  7. Thanks MissBgd for the update in pictures. this one really does it for me. look at those s & p Locks. http://gbgalsgallery...ilmJJ1.jpg.html
  8. Gerry will do whatever he wants when it comes to tats, and I'd get over it. I have seen some beautiful tattoos. I had to get over my son's small black panther on his arm. He had it put on when he was a Marine. I had to give him a hard time, but I'll never tell him this, but I like it a lot. LOL I like to give people a hard time. I like Sporran and Deb's tattoos. Sally
  9. I don't get it! Why do you all think it is sooo HOT to see writing all over Gerry's arms and back? LOL He does look tough, and it looks good for the role, but my kids took pens and markers to themselves as kids and we couldn't get it off. ( the marks weren't pretty and had to wear off with time.) Would you really like to see that big tat on his arm from now on? What is it? LOL I would get bored with that very quickly. I'm enjoying our differences. I'm glad he won't get it for real. Please Gerry, don't ever do that for real. Ok, getting past the tats...Gerry looks very buff. His work outs have paid off for the role. Sally
  10. It was fun seeing you in chat the other day. Hope you come around more.

  11. Happy Anniversary to you!

  12. Recently, Gerry has mentioned wanting to fly in some of his interviews and on Craig's show. It may not be new information, but Gerry keeps talking about it. It shows up. I like the fact, Gerry may one day be flying around over my head. I've been in a few Cesna 2-4 seater planes as a passenger and it is such a fun ride. I don't worry about Gerry at all, as long as he follows all the right steps. Since he is a perfectionist in some of his behavior, I don't see that as a problem. If I were going to worry about him, it wouldn't be in a plane. The odds are in his favor. Now, jumping off a roof, being pulled under a boat (Nims), driving in California or bronco riding... are dangerous. I think I'll choose not to worry at all. He's a "Big Boy" and usually wears a helmet... LOL
  13. There are loads of things common between the hunks Gerard Butler, John Travolta and Harrison Ford. All three are muscular men with a chiselled frame. All are actors from the Hollywood town but one commonality in their trait is that all three love to fly.Obviously, they regret not having wings similar to birds but thanks to Wright Brothers, the Earthizens are gifted with aeroplane and that’s one medium through which man satiates his hunger to fly. While the macho men John Travolta and Harrison Ford have already learnt how to fly a plane and have their certified pilot licences, Gerard Butler is also contemplating on such lines. For more find the article- http://entertainment-nonstop.com/2010/04/gerard-butler-john-travolta-and-harrison-ford-what%E2%80%99s-common-to-them/
  14. Check it out...Maybe you saw a few of these on TV during the games http://jorbest.com/sports/?p=1462 Sally
  15. He looks good. He seems to recuperating well. Who is the understudy? Has anyone found out about him? Who is he? does he do a good Erik? I am craving more input... Sally
  16. Saturday should be interesting and I can't wait to hear the stories. I think ReNo is big enough to can handle all the Girlies. sally
  17. I enjoyed that too. My convertible was nicknamed "Helmut" (German for helmet) by a dear guy friend. We have had lots of laughs about it. Then, to see Stoick give a helmet to Hiccup, we died laughing. sally
  18. I like the pictures myself. He looks great and what harm is there of a picture of him getting in a car or whatever he is doing? I don't see any harm done. We may not get many pictures for a while with him in Serbia. Since I am a "gallery ho", I have seen most of the pictures of Gerry. I've seen him in many different moods. Sometimes, he even sends hand signals. These pictures appear harmless. They're are all over the internet. If we have pictures of him with girls, and with Lolita, why not a car? *shrugs shoulders*. Have I said he looks great in the green shirt? Oh yeah, nice car... Sally
  19. My favorite character is Phantom/Erik the best acting role for Gerry I think would be Clyde Shelton the most fun was Mike Chadway and sweetest was Gerry Kennedy I only speak for myself Sally
  20. Count me in! I love plays. My engine is running... Wouldn't that be frosting on the cake, to see the Loft first hand. Yes, Deb, one can dream. Lets see what play might he be good in, hmmm...I'd have to think about that. I'll sleep on it and get back. Sally
  21. Of course here at GALS, we all knew that. It's nice to know others have figured that out too. It took them long enough... Congrats Gerry!
  22. OMG! You did it! Thank you Elissa! I'm doing my happy dance You deserve a kiss I luv you to pieces! (NLW)
  23. Love your siggy Steph! I really didn't notice all the celebs but Gerry. (Oh, I'll look) What I noticed were the little faces and bodies of those little kids. They are the brave ones. OMG! They break my heart. Yeah Gerry is wonderful, I agree. We wouldn't be aware of the problem if not for the volunteers and celebs. Having said that, I don't put them on a pedestal. It's those kids I lift up. (wiping tears) They are living in this situation. They are the ones in a living disaster, with hurt bodies and loss of family members living in a broken country. Thank Heavens, for people like Gerry who want to help and bring awareness of the situation to the world. Sally
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